Sunday, 1 August 2010

No Freezer & Bedroom Eating........

Hello Sunday readers, how are doing?
You'll be glad to know I made it to Bournemouth in one piece ready for mt up and coming course. I drove up Friday night and have been staying with my uncle who didn't have wifi : ( Thankfully though the hotel I am staying at for the next 6 weeks does, don't think i would have mentally coped that long without it!

Saturday was spent hanging out with my dad, who drove up to spend some time with his brother which was so handy because I got to follow him here, and my uncle. My uncle dug out some old photos the above being one of them, how cute was I : )

Me and paps also drove to my hotel and the 2 learning sites just to get my bearings which was super handy good old dad. He also made the scrummiest dinner it was turkey stir fry with rice, cooked to perfection but no photo sorry!

Today I jumped out of bed and went for a run. I ran for about 20 minutes then stopped and did a small routine including squats, lunges, high kicks, press ups and tricep dips. I then ran another 20 minutes home.

I filled my rumbling belly with a big old bowl of cold oats

In the mix:
1/2 c oats
1Tbsp flaked almonds + coconut
1tsp linseeds
1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
coconut milk + 1 banana

This was uber filling and very delicious!

Ha ha another photo of the little me, I smashed my front teeth out on the corner of the bath when I was 4 so every photo of me as a child I'm hiding my gap!

For lunch I had some left over rice with pea shoots, 2 boiled eggs mushrooms and tamari sauce. This was exactly what I needed to fill me up before heading to the welcome meeting!

Yep 3pm today I went to the welcome meeting for everyone on the course. There is about 20 people, which is more than I expected and only 3 girls! One of the trainers spoke to us for about 30 minutes then we made our way to the hotel.

Hmmmmmmmmm the hotel is not exactly great and that's putting it kindly. I have my own room which has a small bathroom thankfully but the kitchen is communal and doesn't even have a freezer! I do not lie no FREEZER which means no yummy iced smoothies for me : (
I will still make smoothies they just wont be as good. The kitchen is just wrong, I will probably make a lot of salads over the next 6 weeks!

I made my dinner in my room which was nice and easy, wholemeal tortilla with falafel, tahini and salad. I also chucked in some fresh coriander and mint which was delicious : )
I think I'll be eating in my bedroom quite a bit over the next few weeks too.

For pud I had a new to me item. Lacto free strawberry yogurt. This was creamy and delicious I'm glad I picked these up.

I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone properly tomorrow, they've all gone to the pub but I decided to stay at the hotel. I wanted to fill you guys in, have a hot shower and get an early night waking up fresh and ready for the day ahead.

Tomorrow is ice breaker day which means many embarrassing tasks no doubt but its gotta be done I guess. Then from Tuesday the work really begins. We also have a workout session at 8am everyday starting from Tuesday I'm really excited and can't wait for those to start!

Ok I'm pretty tired but have lots of your blogs to catch up. I shall try my best to get through them all tonight as who knows when I'll have enough time to read them not me!

Night sweetie pies x x


Have you ever had to spend time away from your home? How did you cope with the change, any healthy tips you'd like to share?

I have bought lots of healthy food and I'm going to eat lots of salad through fear of the kitchen, I also bought my smoothie maker with me thank god!


  1. I've missed you! Best of luck with everything! Hope it is awesome. Very cool that you got to spend some time with the fam beforehand. You were a totally adorable little one. I've never tried lactose free yogurt.

    I used to travel 5 days/week for work. It was a LOT. When I got to my destination, I would head right to the food store to buy food for the week. I would eat at work/in my hotel room when possible and limit my meals out/ week. I would also workout in the hotel gym every morning before work. Seemed to work out pretty well :)

  2. thanks for the sweet comments the past few hon...have been slammed busy this weekend!

    good luck and have fun on your trip!!!!

    healthy tips? moderation, portion control, cutting yourself some slack if nothing goes as planned :)

  3. Your photos of you when you were little are so cute! Hope your course goes well and that everyone else on the course is nice. Sounds tough having to live out of the hotel room. I think you have the right idea with the salads - think of all the lovely raw food you'll be getting down you!

  4. You were an adorable kid!
    I've never been away from home for 6 weeks...presuming college doesn't count...'cause you make a sort of second home there.

  5. Good luck with your course! I look forward to reading all about it! It sucks you have no freezer but at least you can still do smoothies!

    Your pictures are so sweet!

  6. You were such a cute kid!!
    Good luck with your course. Sorry to hear that the kitchen is such a bummer though. :( I completely rely on my freezer so I can certainly relate.

  7. Heee! Your gappy smiles are adorable!!

    Sorry about the communal kitchen being icky and the hotel not being fabulous either. The smoothie maker doesn't do much good without ice :-(((( I feel your pain sweetie, really I do!

    Best of luck.

    PS. LOve the male to female ratio (WooT!)