Wednesday, 18 August 2010

My First Hot Meal!

Hey sweet sweet readers, how's it going?
Firstly i would like to say THANK YOU so much for your kind words, I cherish each and everyone of you and am so honored to have such inspiring women to be apart of my world your words have meant so much : )

Today has been much better thank you, the only thing that's making me feel bad is the pain in my glute's but that's a good thing really! Its the first time since coming to my course that i felt seriously sore from exercise which is uncomfortable but shows some serious work has been done right?!

Right let me get to my FULL day of eats:

I actually started my day with a vanilla and tahini protein shake using half measures. I needed something light to give me some exercise fuel before my gym session:

20 minutes cross trainer - set on random - level 8 - 10.5 - 11 mph
10 minutes stepper - set on random - level 8
20 minutes treadmill - intervals running at 8mph for 3 minutes them 9.3 mph for 1 minute

This was then followed by a 45 minute Abs class - abs circuit which included 3 ab exercise then shuttle runs (15 ab exercises, 4 shuttle runs) this workout was an absolute killer but really really good!

After the gym I had a chocolate mocha and almond protein shake

Topped with a few almonds : )

We then had theory work all morning and on the break I ate an apple

My lunch box is so cute and just the right size for my food portion

As i mentioned yesterday the wheat wraps seem to be causing me some issues so I made a healthy rice salad. Brown basmati rice, egg (1 egg + 1 egg white), peppers and mangetout in a sun dried tomato sauce which I have to say was delish and will be exactly the same tomorrow, with some other veggies I expect.

After lunch we had more theory then homeward bound, which couldn't have come sooner today. I'm seriously suffering with muscle ache and am looking forward to having a really hot shower and good stretching session!

Today for the first time since arriving here i had my FIRST HOT MEAL! Yep I made a hot meal and it was glorious. Simple but just what the doctor ordered!

Steamed carrots + broccoli + sardines in a chili and tomato sauce on top of some spinach, I also threw on some olives : )
Man have a missed my steamed veggies!

I had some fine milled oat cakes with tahini on the side too.

An all round nutritious and flavor satisfying meal : )

I followed dinner with berries topped with soy yogurt, pumpkin seeds and coconut


The hot shower I'm longing for is calling my name so I shall depart my sweets. Thank you again for your support it means a lot to little old me its nice to know I have people out there that get me and understand what I'm going through.


Do you have any good rice salad ideas?

i have lots but its always good to have some more thrown into the mix x x


  1. I haven't really ate much rice salad - I think I like quinoa better! I like the idea of adding chopped apple, chopped carrot and raisins to a rice salad - a kind of sweet version would be yummy - and you would just have to add a big spoonful of nut butter!

  2. Hey gfriend. Whats up! I am going to a fitness seminar for Les Mills next weekend and your posts are getting me all fired up! its always interesting to try and eat throughout the day at those things. Love your yogurt mess (as per usual). Favorite ricey salads:,

  3. My gran makes a good rice salad by cooking the rice and just before it's done add peppers, peas, sweetcorn, raisins, cranberries, cashews, it tastes great when she does it but my versions never as good.. isn't that always the case!

  4. I'm like Laura, i dont eat a lot of rice.
    but an egg fried rice type thing would be nice, prawns, peas, spring onions, egg, soy sauce and a little chinese 5 spice x

  5. Your lunch box is way too cute, I want one of those too :)