Friday, 20 August 2010

My Best Hot Meal So Far

Hey there, its pretty late but I'm not tired so I decided I'd do a post to keep my run of posts going. We didn't get much homework for the weekend so I've got a pretty chilled couple of days which feels fab! I also like to keep you guys up dated I feel out of the loop when I don't have time to post plus after this weekend its really full on, the work load is going to go sky high which means while I have time to post I better get to it!
Lets get on shall we...........

Before my morning class today i got up early to have a yummy vanilla smoothie topped with flaked almonds and cinnamon delish : )

Then it was off to class. Today we did a fat burning class which included some aerobics to warm us up followed by some weight work, plyometric training and some ab work, we also did a small about of relaxation at the end which made us all really sleepy! The class was intense and I sweated like a beast but I loved it!

I had some oat cakes and tahini for post exercise fuel : )

After we headed to class to get on with session planning, at break I ate an apple.

We had lunch at 1pm
(I like this time, I was hungry and ready for my food)
I made a really yummy salad egg + rice as usual with spinach, peppers and olives

This really hit the spot and gave me some much needed energy, I think that relaxation session made us all sleepy today!

I had some almonds in the afternoon more fat fuel!

After we had finished me and Emma went to Tesco and did a giant shop, plus there was a health food store within the Tesco which meant I picked up some much needed healthy goods at last! Including quinoa and some vegan sausages : )

For dinner I had to try my sausages so on my hot meal roll I steamed some veggies then cooked my sausages with mushrooms and peppers in the last of my tomato and chili sauce. Wow this was great and no tuna in sight : )

This was a really tasty meal the best hot one so far for sure, my meal memory list is keeping hold of this one : )

Followed by a square or 2 of dark chocolate (yes this is a recycled photo, soz!)

I've spent the night hanging with Emma and I also finally dyed my hair, it totally needed it but I find it such a chore! Glad its done though.

Tomorrow me and Emma have planned a morning run which I'm looking forward to. I found a really good route the other day so I'm gonna take her on it, then hopefully if the rain stays away its the Bournemouth air show with lots of loud planes including the red arrows which I love all flying about the sky, I'm really looking forward to it. I was also planning to go out for a bit with the others but the thought of another night out doesn't fill me with joy. I've decided to just stay in and enjoy my own company for the weekend much better idea me thinks plus I may even have the energy to go to the gym Sunday but no promises!

Time to snooze me thinks have a fab Saturday peeps x x


Any plans for your weekend?

You know mine tell me yours!


  1. Glad its all going so well. Love the looks of your breakfast- I always add some crunch to my smoothies. Plyos! Such a fabulous workout. Teaching, hanging out with my mom, josh and frank- thats whats up for my weekend :)

  2. sounds like its all going great just now. your lunch looks fab today. i'm wedding ring shopping and hen wknd outfits shopping, busy busy tomo and CHILL.OUT on sunday! have a good one chicka x

  3. your vegan sausage dish looks gorgeous! Hope you enjoyed your run :-)

  4. Vegan sausage sounds good! Hope the weathers nice down your way for the airshow! We've just came back from Newcastle when we went to a couple of free muesums and I discovered a new cafe which I totally love as it serves healthy food and green tea!