Sunday, 8 August 2010

Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream Anyone?

Yes dear readers I have done all my homework and have time to write a post!
So how are we all, keeping well? I do hope so : )

I have been doing homework for hrs, all day Saturday and half of today but its finished which makes me happy. I'm on top of the work so far and it needs to stay that way because by a week Tuesday the work load will double! Its all going well though, I have 3 days practice then I have my practical exam next Thursday for my Gym Instructor Level 2 exam!!!!!!!! Can't believe its already a week down only 5 more to go, crazy! I haven't been taking photos of all my food as I have mentioned previously (I think!?) which will be the same for the next 6 weeks hope that's ok? I will take some but to be honest I don't wanna bore you with my repetitive meals! Anyway lets get on with the photos I do have:

I came out of the gym the other day and this tiny bird was sitting on a bramble bush I couldn't resist snapping him : ) Oh yeah i don't think I've mentioned any exercise that has been going on yet. Well guys its full on and I love it! I get to the gym for 7 every day then we have an hrs class run by the tutors at 8 with a mix of pump, spinning and circuits so far. I've been loving it and it gets me fired up for the day!

Tuna and eggs are my evening meals basically every day!

Fruits, yogurt and seed/nut mixes are great easy puddings

Before i leave for the gym in the morning I always have a banana and some almonds to keep going for the 2 hrs.

I then have a mix of oats, soy protein powder, macca, nuts, seeds and a little coconut milk. Just enough to mix it together. Its the perfect after workout meal that keeps me going for hrs!

Friday night was a late one, I went out with the other guys on the course and didn't get in till 4am! It was lots of fun though dancing all night and getting know everyone a bit better : )

An iced soya latte was needed!

I also had some vitamin water, I don't often get this kind of thing but my head said I needed it!

Falafel, hummus and salad wrap

Again my lunches are nearly always wraps, its easy and filling

I bought some nutella at the shop its chocolate and hazelnut spread

Which tastes amazing on oat cakes!

More tuna! Balsamic and olive oil dressing saves the day!

After doing homework for about 6hrs i needed a break so popped to the shop to feed my craving, on the way I spotted a rainbow : )

Yes friends I was craving ice cream so went with it and bought my favorite

Mint Choc Chip Cornetto worth every bite! Don't lie you know you want one!

Today i got to have my banana with my oats

Chocolate protein oats with banana delicious!

I'm eating pretty well as you can see but by the end of 6 weeks I can guarantee I will have eaten enough tuna to last a life time! I haven't had any smoothies yet either, hopefully next week I can get a couple in I miss them!

For the rest of the day I have a gym session planned then dinner followed by revision, so much to read and remember its INSANE. I hope to be able to get some posts in next week I feel so out of date with all of you too so I hope to get some blog reading in as well.

Right that's all for now hope you've had a fab week and weekend. Catch ya soon x x


Do you have any easy food ideas for hotel room meals which include no cooking?

I'm doing ok but would love some inspiration!


  1. I think your doing so well with your meals well done! The only stuff I can think of that doesnt require cooking is different salads and wraps!

  2. Great job chicky! You've been doing such a fantastic job keeping yourself fueled with healthy goods. Especially love the yogurt messes. Glad the classes are still going well. I have never seen a jar of nutella that big! I've only ever seen the tinier ones in the store.

  3. Ooh, good question! I'd say probably salads and instant stuff - like rice noodles that only need hot water. :D Raw spring rolls?
    In your situation I'd probably just go get pizza or something, I think you're doing great keeping up the healthy diet! :)

  4. that nutella makes me want to lick the screen :)

    hotel room food? a bottle of wine and a bag of micro popcorn :)


  5. You're doing so well! I didn't even realize you were eating out of a 'hotel'...I thought you guys had a communal kitchen!!

    Pitas are good for stuffing. I like deli ham (they have veggie versions) and laughing cow cheese. I have made protein balls in the coffee maker (just using the carafe): Nut butter, oats, protein powder, splenda, salt, whatever else floats your boat. I also take instant soups with me that are pretty filling as a starter. And I do also fill the fridge with salads, carrots, radishes, celery, etc. Plus of course lots of greek yogurt. If you get sick of tuna, they do sell salmon and chicken in foil wrappers as well.

    Good luck and happy learning girlie!

    PS What's the winky icon next to "getting to know your classmates better?" !!!???? I think we need deets. :-)

  6. Oh no- I just left a lengthy comment. I think it got lost: here goes again...I think you're doing marvelous! But for extra ideas:

    laughing cow cheese
    deli meat (real or vegan)
    salmon or chicken in foil wrap
    instant soups.

    hope that helps a little!

    PS Who are you 'getting to know better'??? ;-)

  7. It sounds like you're having a fantastic time at your course! Love it :)
    Haha Deb just stole my line.. getting to know better???? ;)
    Oh I'm currently becoming a pro at hotel room food.. My favourite is veggies and hummus or cereal with almond milk. Love love love :)