Saturday, 14 August 2010

I Passed My Practical Level 2 Gym Instructor Assessment!

Can't believe its been a whole week since I dropped in, how are you all?

I'm pretty good, the course is really hard but I'm coping so far and yesterday I passed my practical level 2 gym instructor assessment! I just have to do the written exam on Monday which I will hopefully pass then I will be a qualified level 2 gym instructor!!!!!!!!!! Its crazy I can't believe this is happening I'm so happy, stressed but happy!

The people on the course are all really nice too which is a bonus, the living situation hasn't got any better. Did I mention how hideously bad it was?! Sorry if I have but damn its not good very, cheap though so I guess you get what you pay for : (

The kitchen is a complete health risk which is why my meals are a little repetitive and simple but I'm eating well so that's what counts right? Salads have been my saving grace and as you can see from this post tuna is the staring role in them : )

Ryvita and tahini makes a good snack, yummy

Tuna, eggs and olives good combo

More fruit and yogurt topped with trail mix for puddings

Pre exercise snack that hit the spot and powered me through an early morning trip to the gym followed by an intense spin class

Tuna, tuna, tuna

I'm loving the shredded coconut

Wraps are still being the best lunch option for me, they are easy and filling which is what I need for this course

My new favorite wrap = egg, sundried tomato sauce and watercress. This bad boy rules!

Protein oats with apple is a filling and delicious breakfast

Yummy : )

Avocado gave yet another tuna salad some life

Plus its was perfectly ripe

Last night I went out to celebrate passing my practical exam, it got a little messy but I now need to get my study head on revision is on the agenda for today. Emma (in the picture) is one of the girls on the course she's so nice and we've really hit it off a friend for life me thinks : )

The course is so tough and making a friend to is great as we are helping each other power through. We're off to find a giant coffee and cosy seat to revise have a fab day peeps and hopefully I'll get a chance to read some of your amazing blogs, I miss you!


Any revision tips?

I'm going to just read and write everything down as many times as possible, hopefully it sticks!


  1. So glad its all going well for you petal. Your doing amazingly well with your eats - very creative!

  2. Congrats on passing the assessment! Brilliant news! You are doing so well at keeping up the healthy eating with the scary kitchen too, you say it's repetitive but you've still given me some lunch ideas!

  3. yay congratulations well done! and well done for staying focussed on the health eats x

  4. Congrats!!! Yay, I'm so glad you're loving it! I don't have any revision tips though :( I suck at exams. Hope it goes well! :)

  5. ahhhhhhhhhh! Congrats. That is so exciting. Sorry the living situation isn't fantastic...just count down the days! Always love seeing your yogurt messes.

  6. CONGRATS!!! That is so exciting!! Although, I knew you'd ace it ;)