Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Healthy Hotel

Hey guys I have so much revision to do that this is flying visit, just popping in to say 3 days into the course and I'm loving it but the work load is INSANE! So I must get on hopefully at the weekend I will get some time to read your blogs I'm missing knowing what your doing like crazy!

I've only a few pic's as I just haven't have time to picture everything its just not top priority : (

Egg and Pesto wrap

This was delish : )

Apple, Yogurt, Seeds and Coconut

I love this combo

I actually popped over to my uncles to see my dad and made this. Sardines with vegan pesto steamed veg and spinach, it was good to get a hot meal!

Egg with Veggies + Balsamic n Olive Oil

Apple, Banana, Yogurt and Seed/Berry mix

So as you can see I'm eating pretty healthy stuff even though I don't have a good decent kitchen to make my foods.

By the way HOW ARE YOU!? Sorry forgot to ask!


  1. Your doing amazingly well with your eats! Glad your enjoying the course x

  2. Aw, I'm pretty good, but not eating anywhere near as healthy as you are, haha! I'm so glad you're doing good and loving the course! Hope it keeps going great!

  3. good luck on the studying! i'm great thanks for asking ;-) x

  4. ah! So glad you're enjoying the class! The eats look great- especially the Apple, Yogurt, Seeds and Coconut. I love those pumpkin seeds

  5. Are those pumpkin seeds? I love pumpkin seeds :P

    The wrap looks so good, I might have to recreate it at home!