Friday, 27 August 2010

Cocktails and Circuit Training

Hello its been a couple of days so how are we all?

I good very tired and glad its Friday its been a a very tiring week, so much has been done in such a little time my brain feels fried! I did pass my circuit assessment today though so that's pretty cool right?! It was really hard and intense but its another part of the course down and I now have only 2 weeks left which just seems unreal.

Before I get to what eats I had today I just had to show ya the snack I had last night. A raw cocoa orange bar which by the way is totally delicious so if you live in the U.K and haven't tried one yet get to it!

Right onto Fridays eats. I started the day with a 50 minute run which is the longest run I have done since Christmas and it felt goooooooood! After I refueled with a vanilla and carob smoothie.

What a fab combo : )
Then it was off to class where we did more study on Nutrition and got put into our circuit class groups.

Lunch was quinoa, tuna, raw mushrooms and pepper with sundried tomato sauce stirred in.

This was yummy and really filling perfect fuel for an afternoon of circuit training. Basically we got put into groups of 5 and the groups took turns in teaching the rest of the class. 3 groups meant when we weren't teaching we had to do the circuits so I took part in 2 circuits this afternoon, both killers but really good : )

I snacked on some carrots straight after the gym then also had some oat cakes and tahini when I got back to the hotel I was hungry but going out for dinner so had a snack to tied me over.

Me and Emma went to Wagamamas for dinner which never disappoints, whenever I go there I always end up having the same dish but tonight I decided to experiment and I'm glad I did because the food was really good.

I had chicken breast in an orange teriyaki sauce on sticky rice with shredded carrot, pea shoots and spring onions topped with sesame seeds. Wow taste explosion in my mouth, yum yum yum!

We went to the park after to walk for a bit I felt bloated! Emma had some fudge and nougat............

Me and Emma in the park x

I had a piece of nougat : )

I also had some toasted coconut cakes but after 2 they just felt wrong so I binned them!


After walking round the park we decided to go and get cocktails before heading home especially as it was 2 4 1! Emma had a Mojito and I had a Lime Stripe

Which consisted of lime vodka, cranberry juice and lemonade. Twas rather good but made me feel even fuller than I felt already!

I had a really nice night and needed it as I have a weekend of full on revision. I have my L3 anatomy and physiology test 9.30 Monday morning and I still can't get everything to stick in this head of mine.

I'm think I might get up for another run in the morning its so nice to run here in Bournemouth , so many good routes and being by the sea is always good for a run : )

Nighty Night x x


Do you have a favorite cocktail?

My favorite is a Mojito but I decided to have a change and didn't regret it loved the Lime Stripe


  1. ohh cocktails and circuits! perfect day! your eats look lovely today!

  2. Congrats on the circuit assessment! I can't believe you only have two weeks left. Time flies!
    I love running by the sea - it's so peaceful! Unfortunately we (obviously) don't have a sea which is sad :(.
    I'm actually not a huge cocktails girl though I like them. My favourite is the caipirinha. Mmmm!

  3. That piece of nougat looks delicious, I haven't had any in... months!

    My favourite there too many! cosmopolitan, margarita, mojito...

  4. I love the cocoa orange bars! Yummy :-) I don't drink cocktails enough hehe, I need to try a mojito though cause I tihnk I'd like it!

  5. Love cocktails! My fave is a strawberry balsamic martini I had on my birthday but I love mojitos and margaritas!