Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Carob and Vanilla = A Great Combo!

Hey Hey, how's it going?

I'm feeling very sore after yesterday's boxing which at first I thought was a little weird as I've done a lot of boxing before this then I remembered I was partnered with this guy called Dan who is a total meat head to be honest and was hitting the pads as hard as he could and even though I'm not a weakling I'm definitely not as strong as a guy that pretty much only trains his, delts, arms and back! My arms feel like their gonna fall off right now, I'll be having words with him tomorrow! Other than that its been a good day : )

Today started as I predicted carob and vanilla protein smoothie. This is fast becoming a favorite combo : )

Topped with coconut and raisins perfect workout fuel!

1hr later I had a 45 minute spin class sweat city!

I grabbed a black coffee on the way out of the gym on the way to class, it was definitely needed today!

We had a morning of Anatomy and Physiology and at break I ate some oat cakes with tahini and an apple then more studying.......

For lunch I had the same as yesterday (rice + tuna + veggies) which was filling and delicious. We then started on our nutrition course work, YAY!

Once we had finished i drove straight back to the hotel threw on my running kit and headed out with Noleen, one of the girls from the course, for a run. We ran for 30 minutes it was a really hard route but we did it in a good time and I felt great after!

Dinner was mackerel with steamed veggies + olives in a sundried tomato pesto

YUM : )

Followed by an apple, soy yogurt, pumpkin seeds and cinnamon

Got a chilled evening really so indulging in the Big Brother finals yep as you know I like some super cheesy or some may say BAD TV but that's just the way I roll!

Night x x


Whats your favorite way to drink coffee?

I like lots of ways, I usually drink just a plain old coffee with soy milk but I love to indulge in a bought latte iced or regular. I recently tried an iced soy coffee frescato which was insanely good, and like today no soy milk meant a black coffee for me pretty versatile I guess : )


  1. Caramel frapucino from Starbucks, so bad, but so good!

  2. I don't like to have too much caffiene so when I do drink coffee I like it to be the good stuff! Either my hazelnut and cinnamon at home which tastes fine black or a skinny latte - cinnamon and caramel are my faves. I just tried a soy latte at the weekend which was wonderful and creamy. I also love iced coffee too!

  3. That smoothie looks and sounds fab!

    As for coffee... anyway but black! Unless it's an espresso! I LOVE coffee so much!