Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Can a Number Make You Sad?

Good evening, I hope you've had a better day than me?
I find it funny how a number can put you in a bad mood or a good mood, today some numbers put me in a sad mood shall we say. We had to do fitness tests today on the course and boy were mine bad! I'm not going to go into the results but they weren't good and were pretty upsetting to be honest. I hate to admit a number can make me so upset its just I feel a little hopeless I guess.
I'm doing this course to become a personal trainer yet I look at myself and wonder who the hell would want me to train them? I really don't look apart that's for sure! I've definitely gotta cut down on the food portions and the amount I eat : (
I'm looking forward to the next few days of fitness classes plus some gym sessions, exercise always makes me feel better. Sorry to be sad but its just been one of those days ya know?

Anyway here's some eats from today:

Vanilla Protein Shake

Perfect exercise fuel, we had an early morning circuit class today which was tough but really good : )

I had some choco oats after the class, then had an egg wrap for lunch with sweet peas. I think the wheat wraps are causing a problem so I've boiled up some rice to eat over the next few days instead which I think will be a lot better for my weirdo tummy! I also ate an apple i the afternoon.

Dinner was a tuna salad (surprise surprise!) with olives, carrots, spinach, pepper, mushrooms and avocado. Twas delicious!

Strawberries, bluberries, soy yogurt and coconut for pud, it tasted as good as it looks!

I'm off to shower then get an early night, I want to put today behind me and move on with getting to place I want to be. I'm going to the gym for 7am for an hours cardio followed by an abs class at 8am : )

Night sorry to be on a downer x x


Do numbers ever make you sad?

I don't tend to weight myself and judge things on how well my clothes fit but after being forced to get on the scales today the numbers sure did make me sad : (


  1. Awww, Tam, I'm so sorry the test has you feeling down! I too sometimes feel the pressure to "look the part" of a personal trainer. I'm learning it's especially hard for a girl, as some people actually prefer to be trained by beefy looking guys who only car about what they can bench. BUT, I am now realizing it's impossible to work in a gym and not be fit. I'm working out way more just because I'm in the gym all the time and my fitness is only getting better! Chin up! xoxo

  2. Health and happiness can't be measured by a single number. Don't let it stop you doing something you love, if you let it get to you at all, let it inspire you to be better :) x x

  3. Sorry your feeling so down petal. Its so difficult when a number on a fitness test or the scales can affect us so much. Just remember that you are only going to get fitter as time goes on doing this course. I'm sure theres loads of people who would like you as a trainer, your obviously a friendly, kind person and your eats are always inspiring! Try not to let it get you down too much, I know we all have these down days (thanks for your comment on my post!) I try and just tell myself that tommorrow is another day :-)

  4. Sorry you are feeling so down Tam :( I hope you feel better today. You just do have to try so hard to not let the numbers get to you! You are so focussed and passionate about fitness anyone wod be lucky to have you as a trainer!
    I do get down about the numbers at time but I try to go more by how I look and feel these days, can be hard sometimes though.

  5. I think that anything that makes you feel frustrated can also make you sad - a number, reaction, look, situation.. basically anything. So don't apologize for feeling sad because of one number. It happens. Just don't get yourself all weighed down because of that. You're a strong and powerful woman! Oh and btw.. I would LOVE to get trained by you! ;)

  6. Hey,

    I totally understand your feelings about hunger as I swear one day I have a normal appetite and the next I am ravenous like I could eat an elephant whole! I blame it on our hormones. They rule everything! However you may be eating more because from the sounds of it you are working out alot and being really active plus you are under some stress with this course which can cause appetites to increase. Damn stress! I haven't been on a scale since I was wee as I never wanted to get obsessed with it so I basically judge it on the way my clothes fit. I really wouldn't worry too much and allow yourself to eat more whilst you are on this course as I would. Go easy on yourself too. I think loads of people would be lucky to have you as their trainer as you are lovely and passionate about the whole lifestyle and that is what a person is embracing when investing in personal training I think anyway! Good luck with the rest and just take each mouthful as it comes! xxx

  7. Awww, hugs to you- I've soooo been there too. I try to tell myself that I'm worth more than a stupid number but for some reason I also have a hard time- so I empathize with you.

    You will be a wonderful trainer because you are kind and enthusiastic, not because you win some bodybuilding contest.

    Plus I have a feeling that you will get fitter as you continue on in your career. And even if you stay just the way you are, you're fabulous.

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