Monday, 16 August 2010

7 Things About Me

Wow I'm back again for another post how about that ay?! I hope you've all had a good day, mine started with my Anatomy and Physiology test. Hmmmmmmm I'm not feeling to confident to be honest and we don't find out if we've passed for 2 weeks but on the up side if I haven't I just take it again and in 2 weeks I'll now even more which will help. I only need to get 70% to pass but I'm not sure I even got that, oh well I'm not gonna worry about it as its done now!

First things first I was nominated for this award by the lovely Laura from Keeping Slim and Getting Stylish, and I thought it would be fun so here goes.......

The rules:

Thank the person that nominated you: thank you Laura! Share 7 things about yourself, nominate 15 new blogs (unfortunately I haven't have time to read any new blogs so I'm just going pick some blogs who's writers I'd like to know more about).

7 Things about me:

1. I am currently training to become a Personal Trainer which also includes certificates in circuit training, spinning, gym boxing and nutrition!

2. I am totally addicted to Health and Fitness magazines. I am a subscriber to 3 and buy the others when I have time!

3. I dream of one day owning my own house, tiny car and a tiny dog (chihuahua please!)

4. I studied Hair and Beauty at college and have an NVQ Level 2 in Hairdressing

5. I have 8 tattoos. 1 on each foot, 1 on each ankle, 1 at the base of my spine, 1 in the middle of my back, 1 on the back of my neck and 1 on my wrist. I also want more, kinda addictive : )

6. I am hoping to move to Brighton when I have completed my course and can't wait to meet lots of new people and get a job in fitness!

7. My family are my bestest friends, without them I would be nothing : )

The people I would like to pass this award onto are:

Lilly, Theresa, Stella, Debs, Karin and Janetha

Right onto today's eats! I had a smoothie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which was just what I needed after an early morning run. I ran for 25 minutes along the seafront, it was glorious sun shining and the still of the ocean great start to the day : )

Finally got my smoothie groove back on. Chocolate protein smoothie topped with almonds and coconut. Oh smoothies how I missed you, oh smoothies how you make me smile : )

For lunch I had an egg wrap and raw mushrooms n sweet peas. I also had some raw almonds in the afternoon.

Dinner was a colourful bowl of wondrous food!

Rice and aubergine salad with mackerel, toms, carrots and pepper

Followed by berries, yogurt, seeds and cococnut

I've also just eaten an apple with tahini, not sure why but my appetite has been off the scale lately which isn't good!

I'm going to get an early night I feel an exercise video may get done in the morn, but we do have fitness testing tomorrow so I better keep it light!

Night lovelies x x


Do you get those days when nothing seems to fill you up?

Today no sorry this weekend has been non stop food whats going on??!


  1. AW, thanks! I'm sure you'll do great with your exam!
    Um, yeah, I don't really get those "never fill up days". Partly this is because I'm greedy. However, I do get days that I just keep eating (read: Christmas, New Year's day, Birthdays...) and eating regardless of whether I'm full or not. Yup, I'm pretty bad! :P

  2. Oh, I can totally identify with that, my hunger is off the scale at the moment. I'm going to blog it later but I had a total snacky binge last night and then this morning I've had two huge bowls of muesli - the first didn't even touch the sides. I'm guessing with you it could be increase in physical activity? (which could be the same as me but I'm not sure. Very fustrating!

  3. Nothing filling you up no matter how much you eat? Welcome to my world. Sigh. I often wonder if it's all of the cardio I do (and perhaps you are increasing your cardio at your course??) that makes my stomach into a bottomless pit. But it's very annoying and I wish it would stop. The only time it seems to relent is when I'm going through a lot of stress.

    THANK YOU for the award- I'll make that part of next week's post. :-)

    Your coconut concoctions are looking so delish. And so was your rice dish. I'm glad to see Smoothies back in your life.

  4. What's your fave health and fitness mag? I like the new bodyfit mag that's out, though it can be difficult to find. Americans seem to get a much better selection than us Brits! x

  5. Ooooooo Sammy thats hard I'll tell you the ones I get as they're all my favorite! I buy:
    Health and Fitness, Womens Fitness, Fit, Healthy, Zest. I have just purchased BodyFit and think its pretty good. I actually prefer the english mags the us ones have to many adverts and a lot of muscle building work. x x

  6. Thanks hun!! I will do that when I get back home.
    Oh and to chime in on the mags as well.. I prefer the British ones as well! All those advertisments are so annoying - they make up half of the magazine! What a waste ;)

  7. Yay for tattoos! they are so addicting and I try to keep myself from taking any more of them :)