Friday, 9 July 2010

Where is July going!?

Another week coming to an end can you believe it 9th of July already!? Its crazy this year is just disappearing quicker than ever! I'm kinda a little freaked as I got some emails from the tutors that are teaching on the course I'm starting on the 2nd of AUGUST!!!!!!!! Sorry I can't quite get my head round how soon that is, well anyway I got some emails and I have so much to do its starting to freak me out plus even though I know it was the right thing to do leaving my job n all but its still kinda scary! Anyway enough of my rambling lets talk food..........

I had a mocha coconut smoothie and a boiled egg to start my day.......


my egg was done to perfection!

Once breakfast had digested I made my way to the gym

15 minutes cross trainer set on random
30 minutes arm weights

after my session I also went to a chi-ball class, this is probably the hardest class I do its a total killer but I love it all the same!

after the gym I had a healthy bar with some tahini

then before I left I made a green monster

a yummy tummy filler! I then went to town to meet some friends......

I NEVER drink fizzy drinks but today I really fancied a cold diet coke it was real hot and that's what I wanted so I did!

I met my friend Leanne's new addition.......

tiny hands!

let me introduce you to Leasie

this is my friend Chris, look how tiny Leasie looks!

After a couple of hours of chatting we went our separate ways, I went to pick up my new phone! Yep I have a new Blackberry so I can finally tweet on the go yay!

I've spent the afternoon playing with my new toy..........

got peckish so had some rice cakes with tahini and blueberry jam n an apple

tahini + rice cakes = pefection!

freaked out a little more, went to see my dad and arranged for him to come round tomorrow to work out a plan with me, my dad is perfect in a freak out situation!

dinner was steamed veggies and sardines in a tom and olive sauce

this was delish!

I then made some cookies, hmmmmmm not great to be honest I see these taking a trip to the bin! I just kinda threw a load of stuff in which didn't really work ah well back to the drawing board!

I'm off to read some blogs and watch the big brother eviction need something to take my mind of stuff.............


Have you ever done a chi-ball class?

Its tough but you know its doing good!


  1. I agree! Where is July going? Its freaking me out how fast time seems to be flying as of late. Leasie is so cute and super tiny! I love big bowl of veggies for dinner. Great mix up. Bummer the cookies didn't turn out :( I have never taken that class before! Or even heard of it!!

  2. never done a chi ball class and look at leasie..what a little angel!!!!

    have a super weekend babe xoxo

  3. dude. where is 2010 going?!