Monday, 19 July 2010

Weekend Boozer

Hello peeps I'm back after a fun weekend, I had no time to blog unfortunately I was busy busy having fun with friends and nursing a killer hangover! Did you have a fun weekend like me?

Before I give you recap of some tasty eats I had on Saturday I'm gonna show the ones from today:

I started the day with a chocolate smoothie topped with almonds. I didn't end up eating this till around 11am because of chatting to my papa, a very late breakfast for me!

I had some rye toast with tahini and blueberry jam in the afternoon then had some errands to run

Got home and whizzed up a mocha green monster, it kinda looks like swamp water but I can assure you it tasted good!

For dinner I made a big salad with grated carrot, turnip, sliced mushrooms, pepper, tomato, some mung beans and tuna. I used balsamic vinegar and olive oil for the dressing

I enjoyed every mouthful of this delicious salad : )

These were left over from yesterday so I thought feed my sweet tooth

I love oreos!


I started my saturday with a filling vanilla smoothie

Topped with flaked almonds

My yummy smoothie was the perfect fuel for my 3 workout classes!

45 minute spin class
45 minute body conditioning class
45 minute pilates class

I felt fab, after each class was great : )

I was feeling hungry after so refueled with some apple and tahini

I showered then went to town to meet my sister and buy some stuff for the evening

I snacked on a rice cake with tahini and cucumber when i got to my sisters

I was still hungry but had no time to make lunch so this did the trick filling me up

I bought some chips and dip for the party I was going to in the evening, I wanted to get a new top but nothing was really working for me so I dropped that idea

When I finally got home I was HUNGRY so made a quick meal, steamed broccoli with sardine and butternut squash mash

I also had some rye toast with tahini jam and some marmalade that Maggie made

The marmalade was real good

Yep this photo features twice in this post I forgot to take one earlier!

My night out was curl worthy so I sat and curled my hair it took

1.5 curling gas cylinders
1 small can of hairspray!

Yes i am that crazy when it comes to my hair! Do you like the bird I put in it!?

Curls done I was ready to party!

My friend Wayne had a little gather for me as I'm off in a couple of weeks. He put on an amazing spread of delicious foods!

I love stuffed vine leaves!

My sister made some raspberry ruffle cakes. They were coconut cake with a marshmallow cream!

They were insanely good! I ate 2!!!!!!!!

I also had some fruit salad and a couple of bites of chicken but I didn't really eat much as I was boozing!

I was boozing out of my new glass! Wayne bought me this very cool glass, I love it and I'm sure it made my drink taste better ha ha

I had a great time out but paid for it Sunday I had a hangover from hell. I hung out with the gilrs and ate snacky food all day it was good!

I am still pretty tired so I'm off to snooze x x


  1. raspberry ruffle cakes. They were coconut cake with a marshmallow cream!----OMG THOSE LOOK GOOD!!!!!

    i love your hair, too cute. or shall i say sexy? sassy? you are rockin the 'do for sure :)

  2. wow it looks like you had a fantastic weekend! and your hair, oh it looks absolutely fabulous!

  3. I was dying on saturday with a hangover. cute hair!