Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Waffle Wednesday!

Yes folks I had my first Waffle Wednesday!!!!!!!!
I actually didn't plan it this way but it worked out pretty well huh? After my waffle disaster yesterday I wanted to try again today so looked for another recipe........

Hmmmmmm these weren't perfect but they were definitely edible

Natural yogurt on the side for dipping........

I also added some frozen blueberries to the mix for extra superfood goodness!

I decided these waffles needed something else..........TAHINI! Yep this made these bad boys perfect, yum yum!

I spent the morning chatting with Maggie, we had some iced coffee before she left for the airport on her way to Barcelona..........JEALOUS!

I felt the urge to bake some healthy bars so I did!

I threw lots a stuff in a bowl and came up with these......

Carrot, Coconut and Orange healthy bars!

Soft, kinda cakey........they'll do!

yes these turned out ok but the recipe needs work, so I shall perfect then share : )

I had a little nibble just to check they were ok n all! Then yoga was calling my name.......

80 minutes of yoga, stretching out my back is always good!

I had the other half of my smoked trout fillet for lunch, man this is soooooooooo good!
The best tasting way to get my omega 3 oils for sure!

teamed with steamed veggies in aubergine pesto making the most delicious lunch : )

a little later I enjoyed a healthy bar with some yogurt

I revised some of my fitness work in the afternoon then felt like a run so I went with it.

10 minute fast walk to warm up, then run 2 minutes, walk 2 minutes until I got half way round my route then I upped the running to 3 minute intervals I was out for about 45 minutes plus I ran up a monster hill at the end! It felt good, I can't wait till I can run for an hour or more again but I'm getting there!

Dinner involved using my new sauce..........

Turkey rice rolls!

i cooked the turkey mince with garlic, onion and the sauce above then filled the rice paper and rolled um up! Teamed with a giant salad, delish!

The sauce was filled with giant olives hmmmmmmmmm!

I wanted something cold for pud and came up with a healthy sundae!

Goats Yogurt and Berry Frozen Sundae

4 frozen strawberries
8 frozen raspberries
3 tbsp goats yogurt
24 ice cubes!
any topping you like I went for flaked almonds and a drizzle of low GI carob and apple syrup

Put all the ingredients in ya vitamix or liquidizer and whiz it up then add ya topping

man this tastes as good as it looks!

This was an amazing pud, but it was so cold it froze my insides! Totally worth it though : )

Right I have a date with a DVD 'new moon' heard of it?


  1. Waffles and tahini! Yum! Pretty pics, girl!

  2. Things I love:
    Waffle Wednesday
    Jamie Oliver (he has bottled sauces now??)
    Rice wraps
    Blending yogurt with ice to make frozen yogurt

  3. Your kind words have have brightened my day Susan you are to sweet x x

  4. I love Jamie Oliver's garlic and chili sauce. It's so hot (literally ;)) and good!

    Need to make some waffles too. I've had my waffle maker for months now and still haven't used it! Shame!