Monday, 5 July 2010

Roller Girl

What a great start to the week I've had, how's your Monday been?

I started the day with 50 minutes of yoga

Followed by a mocha smoothie, not enough ice in this bad boy but still delicious all the same.

After breakfast had settled and I'd read some of your fab blogs I went to pick up my friend Steph to go on our Monday skate

Boots on we hit the seafront...........

Steph on wheels

Me loving being back in my boots!

2 miles to town........

We must have skated about 5.5 miles along the seafront and back

I had a blast today it was so good to be back on my wheels I'm gonna go down a couple of mornings a week early to get some skating in I think I'm going to take them with me when I go on my course too the seafront in Bournemouth is flat and definitely skate worthy!

We got pretty hot and sweaty on our skate and definitely needed a cold drink, I stopped at Stephs to hydrate after and she poured me a glass of this tasty juice : )

We also went to the supermarket on our way to hers and picked up some new eats

By the time I got home lunch was all I could think about!

Mushroom omelet and salad quietened my tummy, I also had a Carrot and Coconut cookie

After lunch I got my study head on and started on the revision I have to do before my course, lots of reading has to be done.........

I am currently obsessed with this bracelet, I inherited it and its just so beautiful and sparkly!

Reading in my room loving my bracelet.......

in the sun its even more beautiful!

Right enough about my bracelet.........

Dinner looks like sick but tasted great honest!

Steamed veggies, tuna, mayo with sweetcorn and peas

Bit later I had some of my new Blueberry and Blackcurrant jam with rice cakes fromage frais and pumpkin seeds

I really loved my skate today and may well get up to go tomorrow but we'll see, I have all day to study and chill tomorrow no arrangements so its just go with the flow which is fine by me : )

I do have a spin and pump class in the evening which are always great sessions love um I do!

Anyways I'm off to dry my hair see ya x x


Do you like to skate?

As I've said I used to do it everyday and am super glad to bring it back into my life!


  1. Oo! Goats yogurt looks interesting. Does it taste much different?

  2. Wow you know how to make a rice cake look good!

    I haven't been near skates for ages! Would love too but would prefer a skating buddy and none of my friends are up for it - surprisingly my boyfriend wasn't keen!