Sunday, 4 July 2010

Pub Lunch + Ice Cream

Sunday's should always be as god as today! Hello by the way : )
I've had a lovely day good friends, good food, good times!

I started the day with a giant smoothie! Sorry if your getting board with seeing this : (

Once breakfast had settled I met my friend Karen then walked to the gym for an uber sweat session!

20 minutes cross trainer
10 minutes stepper
30 minute arm, shoulder and chest weight sets
20 minute walk/run treadmill
1.5 minutes plank

After the gym we walked home sweaty!

I had some pineapple and........

one of my healthy Carrot and Coconut Cookies to hold me over till lunch

For lunch I picked up my friend Wayne and we decided on the Queens Head for lunch

The Queens Head is a lovely old pub out in the country, a friend actually works there so it was nice to see her too! Its a friendly atmosphere and the food is top notch

I started my meal with a pineapple and soda

Both me and Wayne went for the Bacon, Chicken and Orange salad, I gave the bread to Wayne

I got some fries on the side : )

This was insanely filling I ate most of the salad and about 1/2 the chips if that! Its was really scrummy though good choice for sure

After lunch I drove us to Rye, a small village near by with quirky little shops......

This made me laugh and reminded me of Thomas the Tank Engine!

Love the little shops...........

This arch leads to the high street.....

The houses are adorable

We stopped for an ice cream, Wayne challenged me to a double and I took it on!
Pistachio and Mint Choc Chip double which was ridiculously big but its my day off today so I thought what the heck!

I enjoyed every bite : )

After our ice creams we stopped to chat in the shade and rest for a bit.......

I found my dream home!

What a beautiful house I fell in love..........

Our walk lead us to a cake and homemade sweets shop

Yum yum yum!

The cakes looked sooooooooo good!

Wayne bought us some coconut ice, its bad but oh so good!

We walked around for a while then headed home

When I got home I made a fresh iced mint t (leaves from the garden) with lemon

I also had some coconut ice, back to the diet tomorrow!

I've had such a lovely day and now I'm ready to chill out. I'm hopefully meeting my friend steph in the morning and we're going skating! I haven't skated for ages so I'm really excited. I used to skate as part of my job when I worked at the YMCA and miss it a lot, tomorrow should be lots of fun : )

Right I'm off to put the feet up, hope your weekend has been as good as mine x x


Do you give yourself one day a week to just eat whatever you fancy?

I'm trying to stick to this, eating uber healthy for 6 days then having one day when I can just eat whatever I fancy, this week has gone well so fingers crossed I'm onto a winner!


  1. your pictures are so cute! I love all the pastel colors. I definitely only eat sweets every now and then

  2. What gorgeous scenery! Love the green ice cream duo, btw ;) I don't really do one "cheat day", but I'm okay with "cheat meals" or single indulgences. I think giving myself a whole day is license to stuff my face with garbage.

  3. so glad you're finding a groove with the 6/1 for your eating...yay!!!

  4. Sounds like a nice workout with your friend! And I totally want to make those carrot and coconut cookies. YUM! I usually give myself a lax day, but for the most part...I try to just eat everything in moderation!

  5. Rye is so pretty! My aunties lives in Hastings and she got married in Rye a couple of years ago