Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Perfectly Smoked Trout

Hey buddy's how's things? Enjoying ya Tuesday? Mine has been pretty non-eventful to be honest. My landlady/friend Maggie is off to stay with her son (my best friend) in Barcelona tomorrow, which I'm mighty jealous about, so we spent the day chatting together.

I had decided on protein waffles but they went completely wrong so I went for plan 2........

muesli with yogurt........

and fresh cherries : )

A while later we had iced coffees to accompany our chat

Maggie went fishing and caught a trout so before her departure tomorrow we decided to have lunch together, a smoked trout lunch!

the fresh trout was salted then oak smoked in Maggie's Victorian smoker

WOW! The trout was smoked puuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrfectly!

teamed with salad this meal was a delight!

I also had a chopped apple, yogurt, ground seeds and apple sauce

this was a delicious mix

I spent the afternoon chatting an beavering around on the net

2 evening classes called for some fuel so I made a giant green monster

topped with almonds for extra fuel, I made double this so the other half went in the fridge for after the gym

I walked to the gym tonight
45 minute spinning class
1hr pump class
then walked home

I really fancied a bowl of peas, sweetcorn and soy beans on my return so went with the craving and mixed my veggies with some aubergine pesto : )

I also had the other half of my green monster, smoothies definitely taste better when they are freshly made and ice cold but twas pretty god all the same.

Right I really need to shower so I must say farewell, just think tomorrow's Wednesday half way there!


Do you like smoked foods?

This really was a superbly smoked piece of fish, taste sensation!


  1. I am not a fan of smoked foods. Anything strong and pungent like smoked, garlic, onions, etc not my thing. Sweets though..oh yes please!

  2. Wow that smoker looks great! I actually rarely eat smoked food.. Because who smokes veggies? lol
    Your meals look so good!!

  3. Girlfriend! That is a massive workout! Your muesli looks delicious- one of my favorite breakfast foods. Cool smoker. I don't really smoke anything because I don't eat meat (as Karin noted ;)). I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday