Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Perfect Boiled Eggs : )

Good evening : )
Have you had a good Tuesday? Mine has been good, I've eaten some tasty food, done some exercise and hung out with family all in all a fab day!

It all started with a chocolate mocha protein smoothie topped with almonds. After breakfast I went round to my dads and spent a good few hours chatting. I then came home to get ready for a trip into town. Me and my dad were meeting my sister for lunch...........

Before leaving for town I had a vanilla protein green monster, I didn't fancy anything in town but new I would be hungry, this filled my tum perfectly : )

Off to town we went, I bought a printer which I needed for the course I'm going on less than 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!! We met my sister and went to a bar I had a soda with fresh limes and orange slices, refreshing : )

When I got home I was rather hungry so made a big salad of raw veggies topped with 2 boiled eggs and I used olive oil and balsamic vinegar for the dressing

The eggs were perrrrrrrrrfect!

I also had a slice of toasted rye bread topped with tahini and the last of my blueberry jam.

A couple of hours later I made my way to the gym. I'd booked into a spinning class and a pump class but the spinning had been canceled apparently they tried to call!? Well instead of going home I stayed and did the body step class which is straight before body pump which worked out perfectly. I was kinda scared about the routines and keeping up but it was great. I loved it, a complete sweat fest and a perfect warm up for pump.

I get home just before 9 so I didn't want anything heavy so I had some apple with a little tahini and some almonds

I a busy day ahead of me tomorrow, I'm think of doing a couple of classes in the morning then me and my sister are off to London to watch a show, she got free tickets and is taking me, yay!
Its called 'Burn the Floor' and has stars from a TV show called Strictly Come Dancing. Before the show we're meeting a friend for dinner so should be a pretty fab day all in all.

I will not have time to post tomorrow so see ya Thursday x x


Do you like going to see shows at the theater?

I love going to shows and can't wait till tomorrow!


  1. A great day for sure! Glad you enjoyed Step- it is a lot of fun :) Great salad too. I just had a very similar looking salad topped with oil & vinegar (my favorite dressing combo). Get some rest and enjoy the rest of your week

  2. I am so hungry looking at all your wonderful food! Have a sweet day!

  3. Oh I'm so jealous! I love the theatre. Anything from plays to shows.. absolutely amazing!! I can't wait to go and see a show or play at Broadway in August! :)

  4. Mm boiled eggs... they're so nice :o) I've started using quail's eggs too, they're cute, tiny and packed full of flavour.

    Hope you enjoy the show!

  5. Apaprently if you steam boiled eggs the shells come off dead easy. Never tried it myself. I do love a boiled egg!