Friday, 16 July 2010

New Protein Powders!

Hey hey hey its Friday!!!!!!!!!!
Which means tomorrow is Saturday and I'm going out on the town, whoop whoop!
My friend Wayne is having a little gathering for me at his flat before I head off into the unknown!Anyway thats tomorrow lets let me fill you in on today..........

I woke up and filled my belly with a chocolate protein smoothie

topped with grounded pumpkin and flax

I spent the morning chatting with my dad and drinking tea : )

When I got home a parcel awaited! I ordered some new protein powder yesterday and it came today, good service!

Dutch chocolate and Vanilla bean yum!

I made some turkey mince mixed with garlic, mushrooms, butternut squash, spinach and vegan pesto with a side of steamed broccoli for lunch

twas a delight!

I also had some chocolate and beet cake

after lunch I walked to my sisters for a movie afternoon, haven't hung out with me blood for ages so it was well over due. The sun was out so I took advantage and walk the mile and a half

an ice lolly was waiting for me : )

my sister is very creative and makes the coolest stuff!

We watched Valentines Day, I had actually seen it but didn't complain its filled with so much HOT eye candy how could I?!

After watching the film we dyed each others hair then I walked home, sun still shining : )

I used to walk pass this house everyday to work, and I wish it was mine I love it!
Just some random info there for ya!

Dinner was healthy and delicious

tuna, grated carrot + turnip, peas, sweetcorn and chopped chives with an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing, good food!

I had to try some of my new protein powder, I made some vanilla bean protein frosty!

topped with chopped dates : )

It was ab fab!

So Friday is nearly over and I can't wait for tomorrow, I haven't been out for ages and I'm really looking forward to it! I'm starting the day with some classes yes some! Gonna burn some calories before my night out, we're having food at Waynes and he doesn't make food light if you catch my drift?!

Anyways I'm off to chillax before bed night x x


Any plans for ya weekend?


  1. Love your sisters displays, just like what I have in mind to create in my flat! Hope you have a fun night x

  2. Gorgeous lolly pic and your sisters creations are lovely! Have a sweet day!

  3. Loving the look of that there frosty, how do you make them?