Wednesday, 14 July 2010

I Said No to Cake!

Hey peeps are we having a good Wednesday or Hump Day is it?
I have to tell you mine has been mighty fine but I will tell you about it after a quick re-cap of last nights eats:

Before my double spin session (yes I went to 2 spin classes back to back!) I needed some fuel so I decided a smoothie was the way to go.

I made a beetroot and chocolate protein smoothie and it was delish : )

This gave me spinning power!

Got home and wasn't overly hungry so I went light for dinner

tuna, peas and sweetcorn drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
This was really yummy : )

Now lets see what today brought my way:

I made some chocolate protein overnight oats then added some banana soft serve this morning

Wow this was soooooo good! Plus really filling an all round winner in books!

A couple of hours later I did 1hr of yoga then got ready for a lunch date with friends.

I picked up my sister Jes and my friend Steph then drove to another friend Roxannes house.
Roxanne lives in a tiny little village in a cute little bungalow........

When we got there Roxanne had made the most beautiful looking lunch.......

I had my eyes on this salad!

My sister bought pudding.........

These really are the best cupcakes, light and fluffy............

This was my favorite but yes I actually resisted the cakes! I new the mix of dairy and wheat would bloat me out so I kept away, I'm pretty proud of myself they are sooooooo sooooooo gooooooooood!

I actually took my own lunch with me, sometimes its just easier. I know I can eat the food I make but dairy, wheat, yeast and god knows what else goes into other foods and I like to know what I'm getting, crazy maybe...........

Anyways I took my own bowl of rice, peas, sweetcorn and egg then added beets and some salad from the table offerings. Lunch was filling and very satisfying

We stayed and chatted all afternoon which was great. I went to school with Steph and Roxanne so we've known each other for years.

I went st the shops on the way home, then when I got home I was kinda peckish.

I had some apple and tahini to fill the gap

I picked up a butternut squash at the shop and knew exactly what I wanted for dinner.......

Steamed veggies + sardine, carrot and butternut squash mash, love it!

I also got a mango at the shop. When I got home I cut off the flesh and put it in the freezer.
A while after dinner I took it out threw it in the vitamix with some coconut milk and made some mango and coconut soft serve! Topped with grounded pumpkin and flax, making the perfect pudding : )

I'm quite tired after talking all afternoon, oh and Roxanne has twins which are so cute but always on the go. Just watching them is tiring! I'm gonna get an early night then be up fresh to get a good breakfast in me before boxing, I'm also booked in to a boot camp circuit class tomorrow night. First time for everything ay!


Do you say no to cake?

I tell you it was hard faced with my sisters cupcakes, they really are so good!


  1. I loooove cake, but I haven't had it for a while since I can't eat gluten :( Those cupcakes are so pretty, I can see why you had trouble resisting!

  2. i say no to anything except GF and vegan cake :) but i love me some cake girl!

    oh and your training but women only confession, i featured that (didnt use your name) but i loved it so!! and i am the same :)

  3. Ah glad to know I'm not alone! x x

  4. Always so many good things! Banana soft serve on oats is such a great idea, and sardines with squash? Yum, I have some sardines and want to try something with them. I have a hard time resisting cake, those cupcakes look wonderful!

  5. Great post! Some really great ideas, thankyou!