Saturday, 3 July 2010

Healthy Cookies + Perfect Pineapple

I've had the best Saturday! From the moment I woke up till now its been smiles all round : )
It feels so good to say that, its been to long that I have dreaded Saturdays but now its all fun and games yay!

I got up early and made super delish smoothie, basically the same as yesterday........

........but a different topping!

Big volume and the perfect kinda fuel for my mornings activities.

I walked to town after breakfast and did a couple of errands before meeting my friend Chris for a coffee

We met at Costa and I had a small soya latte, we chatted for a good hour before he had to go to work (my old shop!) and I had to go to the gym, luckily my classes weren't canceled : )

I did a chi ball class followed by fitness yoga class, they were really good and I sweated like a beast! I felt like the classes really worked me hard which was great! After the classes I walked home and was HUNGRY!

I really needed a shower though so I ate the other half of the melon I bought yesterday then jumped in the shower to freshen up.

Once I was freshly showered I got to making lunch quick smart!

Leftovers from last night's dinner, 1/2 avocado, raw mushrooms and a boiled egg

This was a fabulous lunch, everything tasted so good!

A while later I fancied something sweet and remembered I had some low GI fruit syrup which definitely needed to be tried out........

I felt the need to bake cookies.............

Carrot and Coconut Cookies to be precise!

1/2c oats
1/2c quinoa
1/4c coconut oil
1/3c sweet freedom syrup
1/3c coconut
2 grated carrots
3 tbsp apple sauce
1tsp baking powder

All mixed up then sprinkled with cinnamon before baking for 25minutes Gas M4

Healthy and delicious! These babies are a winner : )

The sprinkle of cinnamon was just enough yummy yum yum!

Soft and chewy inside, perfect!

After a few cookies I went back to town to meet my sister another friend Judith for a drink (non-alcoholic!)

A lime and soda to quench my thirst

This was really refreshing, just what I needed in the hot sunshine, we chatted for a while then popped round to another friends house for a bit. The others decided to eat KFC chicken which is definitely not my thing and as I was getting pretty hungry home I came to eat my kind of chicken!

I made steamed veggies topped with chicken breast cooked with onions and aubergine pesto

I think my chicken is much better than the KFC option, what do you think?!

I decided to hack into the pineapple I bought yesterday for pud

It was a perfect pineapple! Ripe and juicy I topped it with fromage frais and pumpkin seeds which was ok but I think I prefer it on its own so I shall definitely do that with the rest.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, I have an early session at the gym planned with a friend Karen then I'm going to have lunch with my bestie Wayne and maybe my sister. A pub lunch is calling our names!

Hope your having a good weekend x x


What soft drink do you drink other than water and coffee?

I don't really drink fizzy drinks other than the occasional lemonade (very occasional!) or a lime and soda. My friends are diet soda lovers but I'm more a herbal tea kinda girl

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  1. Those cookies sound great! Is it cooked quinoa or raw quinoa? I've started drinking more iced tea when I fancy something different. I just make up a big jug with 3 fruity tea bags - yum!