Saturday, 24 July 2010

Hangovers and Exercise don't really mix!

Good afternoon I have finally got the energy to do a post. So how are we all?
It is a self inflicted energy slump due to a bottle of wine that somehow found its way into my veins! Yes last night I drank a little to much shall we say : ) I had an evening in with a friend so didn't have time to post so I shall do a quick recap then tell you about my day so far:


I started my day with a smoothie then went to the gym and did an ab fab session

30 minute intervals on treadmill
10 minutes stepper - set on random
40 minutes of weights - arms
plank 1.30mins x 2
abs workout
squats + lunges

I felt fantastic after and walked straight to my sisters to freshen up

I also took the other half of my morning smoothie for post workout fuel : )

Chatting with my sister we decided we needed coffee but she had no milk so I went off to the health food shop to grab some and got a raw treat too : )

Pulsin raw bars are the best!

The perfect snack to go with my freshly made latte

Jes has a milk frother and everything!

This was a delicious coffee well done Jes! I had soya milk in mine, yum

I also picked up some lunch in the health food store. I had lunch with my sister and some friends but they were all having bread and meats with salad so I played it safe with my store purchase.

In the box was basmati wild rice salad with quorn. I also added some raw mushrooms and fresh basil as well as some salad leaves. It was really good and really filling.

After lunch we all went to town for a bit then I came home and had some steamed veggies with mackerel and vegan pesto no photo sorry! Then it all got a little silly with a bottle of wine disappearing and me waking up with a killer hangover!


I woke up pretty early even though I went to bed late which didn't help the head. I had pre booked 3 classes this morning and I can say it was daunting but if I cancel with such short notice they'll charge me which meant I needed some energy!

Enter a chocolate mocha protein smoothie!

Topped with coconut curls! (no sugar)

I drank my smoothie then got ready to sweat the alcohol out!

45 minute body conditioning
45 minute chi ball
45 minute fitness yoga

I have to say in the first class around the 50th lunge I felt pretty dead and didn't know if I could carry on but I powered through and feel better for it. Well I'm still feeling fragile but at least I have had the afternoon to do nothing!

Yes this is the face of someone that is going out again tonight! Self inflicted abuse I love it!
I had arranged to go out tonight with some old work colleagues before arranging last nights drinkathon so can't really cancel plus its my last night out in my town for at least 2 months as I'm off next Friday to my course!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't actually believe its next week, getting excited and scared now!

I'm going to London again tomorrow, my sisters husband owns a BMX company and its their first video premiere which is pretty exciting which means I need to try and keep the drinking in control tonight, hmmmm...........we'll see!

Anyways I'm off to get in the party mood I probably wont have time to post tomorrow so see ya Monday x x x


Do you get a little carried away on the booze now and then?

I don't really drink alcohol unless I'm going out which is pretty rare, but I guess because I don't generally drink when I do it hits me pretty quick!


  1. Oh yes! and I always say I'm not going to do it again and I always do. Since I lost weight and started eating healthily I can't handle the drink like I used to either, not good!

  2. Haha, yep. Sometimes I do get carried away with booze. it's rare these days, but happens ;) I rarely drink during the week at home and if I'm staying home at weekend then I usually don't drink either.

    I fell in love with Rose wines while in France (we had a lot of wine there, but it was holiday!) and now have a bottle in my fridge but still haven't opened it - it's been DAYS! :D

  3. I have found that since I am exercising so much more and eating differently, booze is featuring less and less in my life. I do still enjoy the odd glass of wine and love having a cocktail or two but I really hardly ever crave alcohol at all anymore!

  4. hey i try and stay off alcohol, it does me no favours, when i do have a drink the brakes sort of break and i tend to go waaay overboard! and then have like a 4 day hangover, it throws me off balance for a whole week, i'm rubbish! i just cant handle it like i could 5 years ago!