Sunday, 11 July 2010

Frozen Yogurt Delight

Well good evening have we all had a good weekend and how's ya Sunday been?
I've had a pretty normal day exercised then just had a lazy Sunday nothing exciting happening over this way...........

My day started with a bowl of quinoa mixed with water and carob powder topped with yogurt

After breakfast I met my friend and walked to the gym, we had weight session today:

20 minutes cross trainer to warm up
40 minutes arm weights, plank, squats and lunges

we sat and drank a mocha at the gym cafe (no photo sorry!) then walked home

for lunch I had some brown rice, peas, sweetcorn and egg with a little sesame oil drizzled over

twas delicious!

I also had an iced coffee with coconut milk

for an afternoon snack I whizzed up some frozen berries and yogurt in the vitamix

a guilt free frozen delight : )

dinner looks like meatballs its not!

its soya chunks with veggies in a tomato and olive sauce on a bed of spinach

I've had a "feeling crappy" kinda day not sure why it just happened that way but I'm pretty sure my day tomorrow is going to make up for it, I'm not revealing why as its a surprise but rest assure tomorrow is gonna be a GREAT day!

Until then goodbye readers x x


  1. Sorry to hear that you haven't had the best day. I worked all day long so I didn't feel all bubbly and happy either ;).
    Tomorrow will be better!

  2. hope you have a fabulous day tomorrow! remind yourself when you wake up that you will have a great day and smile in the mirror :)

  3. !! <i hope that <i can help to make your day better today< <.- <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <i´m trying to type a ´<happy face<´but these crazy <islandic keyboards are verrrry confusing <insert another happy face here<´oh boy! <<<<<ps your soya chunks look amazing√∂ <i totally want to make that when <i get home!

  4. I think that is a definite pretty lady! X