Monday, 12 July 2010

First Ever Blogger Meet Up!!!!!!!!

Happy Monday! Well I hope yours has been as good as mine?
I woke up early got washed and dressed then went straight out to the supermarket to get some goodies for a meet I had later in the day............

I came home to a bowl of overnight oats:

1/2 c oats
3/4 c coconut milk (not the thick canned stuff its an alternative to milk so thin and not high fat!)
2 tsp ground linseeds/pumpkin seeds

topped with a small apple and cinnamon, this was fab!

I had arrangements to meet some friends in London, blogger meet up being one! Before heading to the big smoke I popped in to see my sister (she lives 2 min's away from the station) and also take some photos of the goodies I got for my blogger friend!

Guessed who it is yet?

I thought a homemade badge was in order.........

this pretty one had her name on it..........

sesame bar for some good fats and mini marshmallows great for decorating smoothies you might say?..........

I also put in a fab smoothie glass and some great natural flavors all good for smoothie making so ya know who it is right?

on the train I snacked on some carrot and pepper sticks

I also had about 10 almonds : )

Cloud loving on my way to the city

Nearly there!

My first meet up was with my friend Michelle, she lives and works in London and as I was going I thought lunch with a great friend was only right.

We went to my favorite restaurant Neals Yard of course! Vegan delights yummy!

I got the meal deal which consisted of a freshly squeezed passion fruit juice.......

soya, carrot, veggies and buckwheat thing...........

and a corn bread!

Lunch was delish and it was also great to catch up with shell, she's one of those friends that no matter how long I don't see her its like I saw her yesterday : )

After lunch Shell went back to work and I went to meet............

Yes I went to meet Debs from Smoothie Girl Eats Too!

Debs was in London and had a few hours spare and asked me if I would like to meet up?
Oh my god yes! I have never had a blogger meet up before and was so pleased to be asked by one of my favorite bloggers! We met up then went to starbucks to sit and chat. I was kinda scared on my way thinking what if we don't have anything to talk about, this wasn't a problem we got on just fine and talked for nearly 2hrs! I gave Debs her bag of goodies and I do believe she was pretty chuffed : )

Awwww Debs with her new badge, looking good lady!

For my first blogger meet up this was perfect it was great to meet someone like minded on diet and exercise, my friends think I'm crazy! Maybe next time we'll meet up in the states!? I can dream ha ha ha : )

Train journey home was long and boring, plus a fight broke out so we had to wait at Gatwick for ages while the police came. It was kinda crazy and very annoying! I was real hungry by the time I got home so threw together something quick and easy:

steamed cauliflower + broccoli topped with egg and mshrooms
gooooooooood dinner!

I also had some iced protein

1/2 cup kara milk
1/2 scoop soya chocolate protein powder
1/2 tsp cocoa
1 tsp coconut milk (thick)
12 ice cubes

all in the vitamix

I really have had the best day smiles all round. I hope I get to do more bloggy meet ups in the future it was a really cool experience : )

I pretty tired so some blog reading then bed me thinks, overnight oats maybe on the menu again........


Have you ever been on a blogger meet?

I know lots of you have so you know how much fun they are!


  1. Hee hee- I had such a fabo time meeting you, Tamzin! And I was defo chuffed at my lovely badge that I'm wearing with pride at this moment! Super fun, thank you! Yes, def. in the states next- southern California beaches are lovely this time of year (0r any time really, except May and June)so come-on out!

    cAN'T wait to hear how your course goes- I'm so excited for you!

  2. PS. Loved ALLLLLL the other sweet goods in the gift bag- in fact i stopped by waitrose and those nutters didn't have the mini-marshmallows ;-) (and no Tescos to be found). Love it all- can't wait to play with the flavahs in my smoothies in my new fancy smoothie cup! You're the best!

  3. Your welcome pretty lady! I look forward to seeing your recipes that include the new stuff as I will be able to follow the ingredients! x x

  4. What a sweet gift you put together for your blogger meet up!!!!!! Its so fun to meet other bloggers in real life. And a cool restaurant too. The cornbread muffin looks fab.

  5. Eee!!! I love Deb!! Ohman, I wish I could have been there in London with you two! Someday we'll get to meet up, I know it ;)

    I lucked out that I'm now surrounded by fabulous bloggers in my new city. SO much fun to have other women that love talking about food and exercise as much as I do!

  6. oh how FUN! i have met deb. she is the best. looks like fun!

  7. HOW FUN!!! I am sure that yall had an amazing time!! I am jealous :)

  8. Sounds fantastic! I haven't met a blogger yet though I hope to meet some in San Fran in August. Can't wait!! I SO know what you mean.. my friends think I'm nuts because of my love for working out and food. It would be so much fun to meet up with people who appreciate those things as well ;).

    We will have to meet up next year when I move to London! :)

  9. omg I would love to meet you both!!!

    deb has met more Euro ladies than me! and i live in her own backyard, i need to razz her a bit LOL

    love this meetup!!!!!