Saturday, 10 July 2010

Cupcake Heaven

I'm loving having my Saturdays free! Hope you've all enjoyed your Saturdays?

I started the day with a mocha smoothie : )

I let this digest then made my way to the gym for 3 classes!

total body conditioning
chi ball
fitness yoga

Total body conditioning was a new class to me and I LOVED IT! It was quite high impact with lots of boxing moves, lunges and some circuit training it was great!

I was a sweaty mess after these classes but it was worth it I really enjoyed them all!

Got home jumped straight in the shower, sometimes water is the best thing in the world, right?!

Fixed a quick easy lunch as I had to help my sister deliver 150 cupcakes!

Beets, sweet red pepper and mackerel in tomato sauce.

We delivered the cupcakes then I went to my sisters..........

There was a left over cupcake with my name on.........

She also made some tiny ones!

Wow! My sister makes the BEST cupcakes! Little drops of heaven you might say : )

Spent the afternoon going through course stuff with my papa h always helps me to see sense of things.

Turkey with onions and mushrooms in aubergine pesto with steamed veggies

beans and peas from the garden, nothing tastes better than homegrown foods

A while later fruit salad was on the menu

lovin the bees pollen

I'm hoping to find a film to watch on TV and just chill for the evening. I'm up early to meet a friend to go to the gym, weight session is planned.

Have a good Saturday night peeps x x


What breakfast do you find fills you up best?

Smoothies really fill me up or a big bowl of porridge


  1. oh yum! The smoothie looks awesome! Mocha is so delicious!

  2. Hey girl! 3 classes? My goodness! Take it easy on yourself over there ;) The cupcakes do look awesome. I love mini muffins & cupcakes. Glad your dad is so supportive- that is awesome. I like either a protein filled smoothie or apple and (lots of) nut butter for breakfast

  3. Those cupcakes look fab, I'm looking forward to checking out the hummingbird bakery when I'm next in London, I can't wait!

  4. I bought some bee's pollen after reading your blog on how you were enjoying it and was surprised by its pungent smell and unusual (to say the least) taste, expecting it to be just a sweet taste. Did you start off by having tiny amounts and gradually increasing it or did you just go for it?

  5. Hey annonymous yay to trying bees pollen its got loads of health benifits!
    I agree the flaver is kinda weird I find that if I put it on yogurt then wait while it melts in it goes quite sweet so I'd say give that a go. Good luck x x