Thursday, 22 July 2010

Burn The Floor!

Hello everybody! How's it going?
I had the BEST time yesterday, and am so glad I got the chance to go and see the westend show
Burn The Floor
My sister got 2 free tickets and took me and it was so so good! I took lots of photos yesterday so decided to put them all together for a quick recap:

Before the show me and my sister met up with one of our good friends and went for cocktails then dinner both were fabulous! The show is basically all about dancing with the Strictly Ballroom dancers (TV show) and boy could they dance it was amazing! Plus can I just say the bodies! Wow those men had some bodies on them ha ha : )

One picture I had to show in big size was my hair do you like my bird!? I have an obsession with putting birds in my hair!


Onto today:

Breakfast was a chocolate protein smoothie topped with almonds

After breakfast I went to meet my friend Wayne for a coffee, I had a soya latte which was delish!
We chatted for a while then I by accident acquired after looking round the shops I came home with 2 pretty new clothes items hmmmmmmm...........

For lunch I was super healthy!

A perfectly ripe mango

and a very green monster!

Later in the afternoon I made my way to the park cafe to meet my friend Steph

We both got real fruit ice slushes, I went for apple and mango which was yummy and definitely needed in the hot sun!

How cute is this ice cream van!

We walked.........

and chatted for an hour or so then I came home belly rumbling

Enter a giant salad and 2 again perfectly boiled eggs!

So good! I love the yolk : )

I used the same dressing as always, balsamic vinegar and olive oil

A bit later I had 2tbsp of oats cooked in coconut milk with an apple and a sprinkle of cinnamon

I also had 2 pieces of rye bread with tahini and marmalade during the day just so ya know!

My hair grew really long suddenly!

I can't wait till it grows more!!!!!

Anyway its getting late and I wanna get up early to go to the gym, my boxing class was canceled today Boooooooooo! So I gotta get my sweat on night! x x


Have you ever been to a show you loved?

I loved last nights show I have also seen Cats and Chicago I love the shows!


  1. Sounds like you had an amazing time!
    I saw Equus in London and was blown away.. most amazing play I've ever seen! For shows I must say that Mamma Mia has been my favourite. I saw it 7 years ago or so and sat in the third row. It was absolutely stunning.
    I saw Chicago too and enjoyed it as well though I must say that I liked the film more! ;)

  2. I agree the film had so many more sequins!

  3. sounds like you had lots of fun, i just found you blog, its great btw! i've never been to a show, its something i'd love to do!

  4. Wow, sounds like a lot of fun!

    The ice cream van is cute and those scenery pics are so pretty :)

  5. You look perfectly fabulous, and I want to eat all your delightful foodz. :) I'm glad you enjoyed the show!


  6. Sounds like a perfect day! With lots of healthy eats :)

    I really loved the show riverdance..was so fun. Your hair is gorgeous!