Thursday, 1 July 2010

Boxing + Burgers

Hey hey how's it going? My day is going pretty damn well : )

I'm still feeling real tired after my weekend at Glastonbury, I barely had any sleep if I'm honest it was 2/4 am nights then waking up at around 7ish as it was already so hot in the tent which meant no way near enough sleep but as I'm not working I can take advantage of my mornings : )

After my leisurely wake up I made a breakfast smoothie, it looks green today because I added spinach!

Getting my greens in!

Once my breakfast settled I made my way to a new fitness class womens boxing!
My kickboxing teacher has started a new class and at only £5 a go I had to check it out. The class was 1hr and boy did we sweat! I really enjoyed the class and will definitely be going next week.

I got home showered then it was time for lunch, I decided to try a new food that I picked up at the store Tuesday salmon burger!

I teamed my burger with a perfectly boiled egg, it was ok not great, I think I could have made better but as convenience food it was fine

My salad was fabulous though, raw spinach, bean sprouts, carrot, mushroom and avocado drizzled with toasted sesame oil : )

I also made up a big bowl of fruit and yogurt. Apple, cherries and yogurt topped with seeds

I ate about half and have saved the rest for later : )

I'm off out this afternoon to a friends, to have a birthday BBQ. Its something we had decided ages ago, a few of us haven't seen each other for ages so had decided a BBQ was in order which then just so happened to fall on another friends birthday, perfect!

I'm gonna be real good hopefully and keep low carb with no cake passing my lips I'll let ya know how I did tomorrow!

Have a fun Thursday x x

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  1. I totally feel for you- I am on negative sleep after traveling this past weekend too! Glad you enjoyed the boxing class and the seeds look so pretty on top of your "mess". Hope you had fun with the ladies!!