Monday, 26 July 2010

Booze Cruise!

Hello its me the boozy blogger!
I hope you've had a good weekend I certainly have but its been a little crazy I think I drank more booze this weekend then I did on my holiday to Glastonbury! I barely ever drink so 3 days in a row has been wild! Its all been in the name of good fun with good friends so I'm not going to worry about it and I know it will be a while till any booze passes these lips I start my course a week today so study and exercise are going to be top of the list : )

As always I will do a quick recap of the past couple of days:

I spent Saturday afternoon chilling at home before heading out again........

When I got home from the gym I had some rye toast with tahini and marmalade.

For lunch I kept it light with some yogurt, fruit and flaked almonds. For dinner I had some mackerel with steamed veggies no picture sorry!

After dinner I got ready then went to town to meet my old work colleagues for our goodbye and good luck to me gathering! We went to a few of the bars in town.......

This is Leanne and Chris my old work colleagues, love um!

This is me with Leanne's boyfriend

We ended up staying out very late dancing all night it was great and I had a fab time, as the above picture will tell you it was a crazy night!


Sunday I felt pretty bad AGAIN! But I had to go to my sisters husbands film premiere in London.
He owns a BMX company and its their first movie so I wasn't gonna miss it! There was a free bar too so as you can imagine drinks were flowing............

This is my sister and my friend Steph hanging out while we wait for the movie to start........

And this was me and my friend Michelle by the end of the evening one to many free vodka redbulls! The train journey home seemed to last forever and I was more than glad to get home and just sleep!

When I woke up this morning I had a giant chocolate mocha protein smoothie

The coldness helped my head : )

I picked up lunch then went to my sisters to feed the hangover and lay at hers!
I had a falafel wrap with salad and crisps I did eat the other half and about a zillion more crisps!

This wrap was so tasty and just what I needed

I also had a giant choc chip cookie : )

I stayed at my sisters watched movies and before I knew it 7pm had rolled round so I decided to go home and get some dinner...........

I had a craving for eggy bread and some steamed veggies so went with it and this meal didn't disappoint I used the last of my rye bread

Crispy and delicious : )

Well I have to be honest this weekend has taken its toll and I feel a little worse for where still but I shall be back on the exercise and clean living tomorrow. I need to get focused on my up and coming course. I have loads of reading and preparing to do but I'm trying to not let it freak me out! I've got 2 exercise classes booked for tomorrow night and I'll probably get a walk in too.

I feel the need to just chillax now so good night peeps x x


Are you honest about your life on your blog?

I thought about not going into detail about my weekend as its not been exactly healthy and I blog about living a healthy life with food and exercise but I do go out and have drinks and dance till the early hours on the odd occasion and that's me. So I guess I just want to be truthful here I just hope that's ok with you guys?


  1. Awww your life is so glam! ;)
    Well I'm always honest on my blog but I also often don't write about things that might not really fit into it.. not because they were bad but because they were just a bit too random. I often don't write about my workouts and I sometimes don't write about how many beers I had. I think it's ok since my blog isn't a food dairy. However, I think that honesty is really important. After all, I want my readers to like me for me, not for the person I'm playing to be. :)

    And no one will blame you for having a blast! You deserve it! (Well the good time I mean.. not the hangover, lol)

  2. I'm always honest about things on my blog, I think the key to a healthy lifestyle is balance - its ok to let your hair down once in a while as long as your not doing it every single week! It looks like you had a fab time so good for you petal! x

  3. Ack, hangovers are the WORST! I haven't had one in a while, but boy they do suck when they happen. You sure looked great though- and just like you were having fun- not like you were hammered at all!

    I love that dainty, interesting shaped plate you had your toast on. Looks antique. Love that you call it Eggy Bread when we call it French Toast (and who knows what the French call it! hee hee!)

    I'm honest on my blog except that I don't always go into huge amounts of detail in any topic really. And deep inner feelings? Naw, not really. :-)

    I made an orange/choc shake with your flavourings, took a bunch of photos only to discover- no memory card. Grr. Thanks again!

  4. Being truthful is the way to go! and it does not make you a bad person if you party once in a while 3 day in a row, I've done it too ;)

    Anyway, the main point is it seems you had a lot of fun and that's what counts, right!


  5. looks like a great wknd! i try to be open and honest on the blog, i dont tend to blog about the negatives in my life coz no one wants to read urghhh stuff and i dont blog about EVERYTHING i eat, my posts would be monumental but i try to portray a true mix of my life x

  6. omg these pictures are fabulous!!!!!!! what a wild & crazy weekend and you totally need to do this once in awhile..cut loose and have a ball!!!!