Thursday, 15 July 2010

Boot Camp Killer + Baking to Releave Stress

Its Thursday which means tomorrow is Friday yay! My day has been good, its seems crazy that I say that pretty much everyday now when only a couple of weeks back everyday was "hmmmmmm my day has been ok.........." I know which days I prefer!

I started the day with a new to me breakfast concoction, 30g of oats cooked in water

topped with a chocolate mocha protein smoothie!

This was amazingly tasty and very filling! I got the idea from this girlie thank you for bringing this into my life : )

A while after breaky I was supposed to go to my woman's only boxing class but it was canceled. I was quite disappointed but instead of mopping about I got on and did some exercise DVD's instead. 40 minutes of pilates followed by 50 minutes of weight/toning exercises including squats, lunges and many more moves!

By the time I had finished exercises and freshened up my tummy was rumbling for lunch

I made a yummy lunch which was also new to me......

1/3 c quinoa, grated carrot + turnip and soya chunks on a bed of spinach

I also used olive oil and balsamic vinegar as a dressing, this I have to say is a keeper. Filling and very very tasty : )

After lunch I received some emails from the course I am attending in 2.5 WEEKS! And kinda went a little crazy with excitement and fear, I decided to try do some baking to deal with my stress! I find that baking sometimes helps I can think about something else and there is a reward at the end : )

Enter a chocolate and beetroot protein cake!

I have to say the recipe isn't really blog worthy but its definitely edible so I dug right in!

I barely used any sugar in this weird chuck anything recipe so it needed a little helping hand.

I topped my slice with a little low GL syrup and tahini, it was pretty yummy! It was also perfect fuel for the class that awaited me............

My friend Karen booked us in for Bootcamp Circuits not realizing it was the advance class!
45 minutes of bootcamp hell! It was really tough and I sweated like crazy but I enjoyed it and am glad I went as I will be getting a circuit qualification as part of my course so it was good to try out a class.

Got home hungry! I got to work on a quick, easy and healthy meal

1 x tin mackerel in tomato sauce, steamed peas, sweetcorn and broccoli mixed with vegan pesto and some mushrooms lightly fried in coconut oil. Another delicious meal I have loved everything that pasted my lips today. Lots of variation and yummyness!

I had some more beetroot cake for pud same topping : )

I think tomorrow will be a rest day, I'll probably do a little yoga to stretch my body out.
I'm also going to hang out with my sister for a bit we're gonna dye each others hair and gossip I expect!

Time to chill night all x x


Have you tried the chocolate and beet combination?

I have to say its a total winner the sweetness of the beets and bitterness of chocolate really do go together I recommend you give it a go!


  1. I'm intrigued by your beetroot cake! I have some beetroot sitting in the fridge and no clue what to do with it!

  2. Your workouts sound fabulous! I want to go to a kickass bootcamp workout as well :)
    I've never had beetroot and chocolate together but it sounds like an interesting combination!

  3. Love the idea of putting the smoothie on top of the oats, that sounds lush! I love the contrast between hot and cold x

  4. I have not tried the beet/chocolate combo, but I can totally see how they work well together. Baking is such great stress relief...I need some today. Glad you got in a good workout despite class being canceled. I love boxing!