Friday, 2 July 2010

BBQ + Yoga in the Sun

Yay its Friday! Not that it means much to me as I'm on a month long weekend : )
I'm pretty sure it means many of you have a 3 day weekend though so enjoy! Just to warn you this post is picture heavy hope that's ok!? I'm starting with a re-cap of last nights BBQ then onto today's eats so enjoy.............

Last night me, my sister and another friend steph were invited to Neil and Emma's house for a BBQ, which doubled up as a birthday meal for Neil as it's his birthday today!

I started the evening with a non-alcoholic mojito, refreshing and very yummy, I especially loved the straw : )

Before dinner we harvested Emma's strawberry and raspberry patch

These tasted amazing, we did manage to save some for afters!

This is Harris Neil and Emma's little boy, he's a cutey!

They have a lovely garden with lots of pretty flowers

After a while food was served I ate a tiny piece of quiche, I couldn't refuse as Emma had made it with her own fair hand, it was worth it too. Ham, pea and mint quiche delish! I also ate lots of leaves, a sausage, lamb cutlet (smaller than it looks plus I trimmed all the fat off!) ana a grilled corn. This was my first BBQ corn and it was really good I'll defo being having it again

Then came the cake, lemon drizzle to be precise made by my sister (she makes the best cakes!)
I RESISTED! Yes I actually resisted the cake and just had some strawberries : )

That is a face not defeated by cake! and ready to sleep!


Today I woke up early to have breakfast before going to the gym.....

Strawberry, chocolate and spinach protein smoothie

Topped with coconut and flame raisins it went down a treat!

Once my breakfast was digested I made my way to the gym for my chi ball class, annoyingly the teacher didn't turn up so I walked home a little annoyed

on the way home I picked up these yummy fruits : )

couldn't resist a some melon for a snack it was perfect

I then did 1hr of yoga DVD in the sun, the bottom of our garden is perfect for an outside workout session, I'll definitely be using this area again!

while practicing my yoga I noticed the sugar snap peas were ready for eating an decided they would be the perfect in my salad : )

tuna mayo salad and lots of raw veggies

cherries and the last of my yogurt topped with pumpkin seeds

I chilled for a while then did some washing and sorting. I had to drop off the bag I borrowed for Glastonbury to my friend as well as pick up my tent so before setting off I ate some rice cakes and tahini

I went to the shops and my friends then before going home popped in to see my papa and chatted to him for a good hour

store goods

this is truly the best apple sauce, its literally just organic apples, no added sugar no nothing just apples, I have to get it at the health food store but its worth it

For dinner I roasted some veggies in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. For protein I had soy mince cooked with 1 egg yolk and mixed with aubergine sauce sounds wrong but tasted right! This was so filling I ate about half and saved the rest for tomorrow

A while later I felt the need for pud! I made a pine nut and raisin protein cake and topped it with fromage frais hmmmmmmmm!

This post has tired me out so I'm off to get ready for snooze time, I'm getting up early to have coffee with a friend then I'm booked for 2 classes hopefully the teacher will turn up!

Night all x x


If you have an exercise class canceled do you leave the exercise for the day or find something else to do?

I usually find something else to do be it a run round the park or a DVD anything os better than nothing right?!

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  1. your question? i posted about this the other day..childcare fluke and almost didnt my workout in and coulda caused major anxiety. talked about this. how yeah, it stresses me. I admit it. When i am ready, Im ready and want to get on with it!

    love the cake and berries and that pic of you.. you dont look tired, you look great!