Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Baked Potato Coma..........

Hello Happy Hump Day!
(that is what its called right?!)

I'm here early with another quick post. I have an hour before I go out for dinner so this has gotta be quick hope that's ok?

Today started as always with a big smoothie. Chocolate and Strawberry protein smoothie to be precise : ) Topped with almonds for some exercise power!

Smoothie digested I went to the gym:

Legs Bums and Tums
followed by

The workout rooms were so humid today it was a total sweat fest!

When I got home I drank the rest of my smoothie (there's always some extra) and got ready to go to town.

I met my friend Steve for lunch and we decided a baked potato was on the menu. I had beans and tuna mayo, look how big this bad boy was! I actually ate it all it was so good but insanely filling. I was in a baked pot coma after! We chatted for an hour then he went back to lunch and I had some things to pick up. I got a travel iron and a gel seat. I've never had a problem with the spin bikes but I'm guessing I will be doing A LOT of spinning over the next 6 weeks so I thought I'd better be prepared!

After I'd finished shopping in town I made my way to my sisters (so handy she lives in town!). I was really tired after my potato, I haven't eaten something this carb heavy for ages, I laid on my sisters couch for a good hour chatting. Today has been really hot too so when the offer of an ice lolly came my way I couldn't refuse : )

I think I mention in my last post it was Maggie's (the lady I live with) birthday on Monday but she wasn't here and as tonight was my only free night before leaving FRIDAY I decided to take her out to dinner tonight with another friend of ours Karen. I'm taking her to a tapas restaurant that my friend Steph works at. I'm really looking forward to it and don't worry I'll get some pics!

I've been asked by a couple of you about my beet and chocolate smoothie recipe which I promise to post when I have time.

Right I'm off to get ready for our meal see ya soon x x


Do you like baked potatoes, whats ya favorite topping?

Mine is definitely tuna mayo with either beans or coleslaw, yum : )


  1. Baked potatoes are so good and I've been in a baked potato coma more than once :D

    I love tuna (in sour cream) filling or a reindeer filling!and shrimps in mayo are also very good :P

  2. i dont eat them all that often but when i do i just like cheese! melted on top! hmmmm

  3. I love baked 'taters and I think beans (or beans and cheese!) make the best topping. I've gotta say I've never seen beans and tuna as a combo before! Was it good??