Friday, 30 July 2010

AAAAAHHHHHHHH I'm off today!!!!!!!!!

Hello! I am sorry to say this is another flying visit, I am an hour away from my 4 hr drive to my uncles and I need to make dinner and dry my hair still! Yep unbelievably its time to start the beginning of my new life! I am driving to my uncles tonight with my dad then Sunday I have my welcome meeting and Monday I start my intensive 6 week personal trainers course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still can't take it in that its already time to go guess, I better start!

So dear readers I am going to whiz through these photos with minimal words hope that,s ok!
I left you Wednesday just before leaving to go out to dinner with Maggie for her Birthday and here's whats happened since then:

We went to Harris a tapas restaurant in my towns old town

We got the best seat in the window : )

Our friend Karen also joined us

Karen and the birthday girl Maggie

We were given complimentary olives and bread (I ate my weight in olives!)

We then ordered tapas for 3 to share

Smoked salmon, anchovies, olives, garlic prawns, garlic sauce for dipping

spicy patatas, white bate

Selection of meats, tortilla ans garlic mushrooms

There was so much it was crazy! It was all so so good though : )

Hot chocolate pot and churros shared between 3.


I met Wayne for coffee : )

Salad with rye bread topped with tuna pesto and yogurt


Went for a 30 minute run - no pain! : )

I went to my sisters for dinner last night and she made curry, it was incredible!

Chicken curry, rice, naan, red lentil darl and mint yogurt

Walnut whips!!!!!!!!!
Oh its been so long!

They were so pretty I didn't know which one to choose..........

I decided on this bad boy!



Today's lunch:

Boiled eggs, veggies and a slice of rye toast topped with the last of my tuna pesto mix.

Well I best get ready for the drive its 4 hours so I need a good meal inside me and to relax for a little bit, really can't believe its time sorry I keep saying it!

I will have to do posts when I can over the next 6 weeks as I am going to have an insane amount of work to do, please still come by and see me I'll still be here just not as regular but I'm gonna try my hardest to let you know how I'm getting on.

Good bye for now wish me luck!


  1. Oh my god those tapas look so good! I love the Spanish cuisine :).
    Well I'll leave for Seattle tomorrow so I don't know if I can go online until Monday but in case I can't: I HOPE YOU'LL HAVE AN AMAZING START!! You are going to rock those classes!!

  2. Good luck with your course petal I hope it all goes well. Loving the walnut whips! I haven't had one in far too long, plus I think you can count them as a retro treat now!

  3. Yay! I hope you have a great time and don't get too sore! I'm so excited for you!

  4. Good luck; it's gonna be great :o)

    (M&S soooo saved my sanity a few months ago when I had a mad craving for walnut whip!)

  5. good luck and lots of hugs! it'll be great, i'm sure.

    all your food looks so absolutely divine...while looking at the pictures i'm going "now that looks, THAT looks good! oh, WOW, THAT looks REALLY good! AW HELL IT ALL LOOKS GOOD!"