Friday, 11 June 2010

Sorry About Me.......

Sorry about me! I was feeling really down yesterday and I know some people get annoyed with
bloggers that express being down about weight but it was just on my mind and it kinda just came out, so I do apologize but with it being my blog I guess I can right what I'm feeling? I would also like to say thank you for all your wonderful ideas watch this space!

Anyway enough about all that my day has been a lot better today : )

My day started with an almond and chocolate smoothie

this bad boy was filling!

I took 2 boiled eggs to work for snackage

I love eggs!

we were so busy at work so lunch was late but worth the wait

brown rice, vegan pesto (no nuts just herbs) and raw veggies

after work I went to spin and sweated like a beast!

I bought some chocolate soya protein powder

dinner was simple and delicious steamed veggies topped with sardine and tomato sauce

literally a tin of sardines in tom sauce mixed with a tbsp of tomato bolognaise sauce

followed by blueberies, fromage frais, grounded chia seeds, cinnamon and pollen

So guys the plan of action after receiving some sound advice from many of you and one person you knows who she is thanks lady!

1. no more hummus for a while
2. no more almond/peanut butter
3. one piece of fruit a day
4. cut down on sugar
5. eat less carbs
6. eat more protein and loads of veggies
7. no late night snacking
8. exercise exercise exercise

I'm gonna really try to take control and get sorted I'm starting my course on the 2nd of August so I really need to be in shape I have July off so I will be uping the exercise as much as possible then. Glastonbury is gonna be hard to eat well but its my last time to really relax and go wild before at least 2 years of work and life changing experiences. Anyway I'm off to relax before sleepy time............


Do you let all your true feelings out on your blog?

My blog is kinda like my diary so sometimes I let a little bit to much out oops!

Have you been through a weight loss experience you would like to share?

I lost weight a couple of years ago and was a perfect weight then having the worst year and an injury it was sky rocketed but not anymore people NOT ANYMORE!


  1. There is absolutely NO need to apologize. We're only human and don't feel bubbly and happy all the time. Things bother us and sometimes thats weight. And that is ok (just as long as it doesn't take over our life entirely ;)).

    Good luck with your food changes!
    I can actually eat unhealthily for weeks and not work out and not gain any weight. However, I lose a lot of endurance and fitness as well which I hate.
    Anyway, I don't have any real weight loss tips since I've never really stuck to some for a longer period. I'm way too weak and a sucker for carbs. ;)

  2. Hi Tamzin, I just posted my 2 day simple detox if you'd like to take a look. I lost 7lbs!

    p.s. I'm very jealous of your photography skills and ability to prepare proper meals :) Your site is fresh food heaven and mine is carcrash cheats ;)

  3. I think expressing your feelings on your blog are perfectly fine! It's your blog... if people don't like what they are reading than they don't have to read it. I love hearing what people are thinking.
    ps- I've been using and it's a free website that puts together a realistic eating plan and fitness tracker. Thousands of people have lost weight on this site and it's a great community to join.

  4. there is absolutely NO need to apologize for your last All! First, it wasnt even "that dark" or "that bad" and if it was, who cares?! You are 99% super positive on your blog and yes, i use my blog as a diary of sorts, but i also hold some things back b/c i dont need the drama/comments.

    Re my email today, hope that was ok. I fired it off before coffee and rushing and hope it came out ok. If it was more than you needed, I am sorry! Was just being blunt :)


  5. Hey Tamzin - also don't worry about glasto. They have amazing healthy food stalls there. I am a real foodie and I swear I spent more time wondering which stall to go to for breakfast lunch and dinner than what band I should see next! Typical day is either an amazing smoothie with yoghurt an shot or a yoghurt mess breakfast with seeds and fruit etc. Lunch would be a gigantic falafel and sprouting bean salad or something along those lines and dinner a tangine or a healthy curry of something. Enjoy!!! x

  6. Hey girl! Sounds like you have a plan! Hope it goes well...

  7. A blog is an outlet for most of us, so expressing your true feelings is expected!! And I totally feel you on wanting to "look the part" of a trainer. I've got a job interview in a couple weeks and I'm trying to be good so I can waltz in looking fit and healthy ;) BUT do keep in mind that you were injured, and weight gain usually comes with that territory. You had no control over it, so don't blame yourself for any weight gain! Life is longlonglong and a couple months of being over your ideal weight is not that bad in the long run ;)

    MEGA jealous about Glastonbury!!