Sunday, 6 June 2010

Shopping in the Sun + The Big News!

Good evening readers! I'm back to write a post that's not rushed can you believe it!?
I've had a fabulous day off today. I have spent the day in Brighton shopping with a friend Karen.
Its been wonderful I picked up some stuff to take with me to Glastonbury festival which is at the end of the month! I really can't wait its gonna be a ball! I'll take some pictures of my new buys tomorrow if I get time and show you what I bought : )

Anyways lets get to some taste bud teasers shall we?

Rewind to Saturday night:

My papa officially makes the best curry! Man this meal was so good. Paps made an egg curry with rice, a cashew and greens mix with spices and coconut milk and a cumber side made form yogurt and mint can't remember all the names but man my taste buds went nuts!

After this amazing meal we settled down to watch the first Sex in the City movie.
My dad loves it so I'm taking him to see the second on Wednesday which obviously meant a refresh of the first was needed! I can't wait to see it again : ) plus because we're going Wednesday we get a 2 for 1 deal from our mobile phone company which is pretty sweet!



I got up and filled my tummy with some workout fuel.
Carob oats made with water, grounded chia seeds, small banana and soy yogurt.
I also added a dollop of peanut butter : )

I went to the gym and did an aqua fit class followed by a spin class.
My hip is a little sore after having a week of lots of exercise which is due to my bad back,
but all in all its not to bad

After the gym I refueled with this berry cherry naked raw bar

I love this flavor and it kept me going until we got to Brighton when I indulged in a Costa's soy latte yum : )

I got some sushi for my shopping fuel/lunch which lasted until we were ready to go home all shopped out!

I snacked on a packet of crisps on the way home they were worth every calorie!

Dinner was uber yummy but to you a boring sight maybe?!
sardines + butternut squash mash in a tomato and chili sauce with steamed veg and a spoonful of hummus

I love this combo, and don't be surprised if the food round here gets a bit repetitive as
I'm pretty broke and need to eat up all the food in my cupboard instead of buying more stuff!
So I apologize if you get bored : (

Pudding was a master piece!

I used my last pack of tropical bear granola (my favorite!)

And teamed it with an apple, soy yogurt and pollen wow this was great!

I think someone mention pollen being a little powdery Adrien was it you?
Well sweet lady I recommend putting it with yogurt and letting it dissolve and soften into the yogurt, it turns sweet and tastes quite delicious : )

So the big news hey I finally quit my job in retail hell! This is because on the 2nd of August I am going to go and do a course in PERSONAL TRAINING!!!!!!!!
Oh my god I have been dying to tell you all my news but had to wait till I had handed in my notice. I will be doing a 6 week intensive course which will get my 6 qualifications

1. REPs qualification (I will be on the official list of personal trainers in the uk!)
2. Sports Nutrition
3. Exercise to Music
4. Spinning Teacher
5. Gym Boxing
6. Gym Trainer

I'm so excited! I really need to get my back perfect and strong though, I was meant to start the course back in March but with my back so bad it just wasn't an option but every week that passes it gets better and better so I staying positive and now I know I wont be working i y shop much longer I feel a weight has been lifted : )

So my question to you is any advice?

I know many of you are trainers and teach classes so if you can advise me on anything I would be so so grateful!

Anyway I'm off to catch up on your fab blogs don't forget to comment with your good advice!


  1. First off- how adorable that your pops loves S&TC! And what a fabulous meal he made. Congrats on the big news- that is awesome. In terms of advice- practice practice practice :) Also, be confident (even when you're totally not feeling it)- fake it til ya make it. Let us know how things go

  2. YAYYY!!!! I am SO excited for you! My best advice as a certified PT is to BE CONFIDENT. Put some conviction behind your advice (because people in your life will immediately start asking you for advice all the time), but at the same time, if you don't know the answer to something, don't make something up :P

  3. Tam!! OMG congrats!!!!!!! i signed up to do self-study for my pers trainer and so far, havent done much w/ it but will after i move and get settled. as for you, i would say enjoy it and you will be a great instructor! I mean, if you want any specific advice, ie. yoga, training, etc as time passes, feel free to email me but for now CONGRATS!!!

  4. That's fantastic news, congratulations! I actually thought that your secret was that you become a personal trainer since you mentioned it in that interview you posted a few weeks ago.

  5. Wow thats great news! Really happy for you. Very jealous of you shopping in Brighton! Can't wait to see what you bought x