Thursday, 10 June 2010

Secret Sweet Eater?

Hey there! I had the night off yesterday because I went to see Sex in the City again!
It was just as good second time round too. A few of you have seen it and liked it some have not I have to say I am a lover of all that is Sex in the City, the clothes, the men, the women, the gays and the sparkle! Anyway enough about my addiction onto the food, breakfast then a recap of yesterday..........

This morning I woke up early to watch the repeat of Big Brother and eat breakfast! Yes I should be ashamed to say I woke up early to watch the repeat of BB but I am not I love and its the last one! I remembered I had a squeeze pack of peanut butter and my last slice of rye bread needed it!

I also had a banana, soy yogurt and grounded chia seeds

yes this also had honey in it : )

vitamins on the side making it an all round healthy breakfast : )



started with a big bowl of carob oats with banana and yogurt

and sunflower seeds!

I walked to work in the sunshine

tuna and rice salad with steamed veggies

after work I popped round to see my friend Emmali and she offered the jelly sweets so I accepted!

walked home

soup with rye toast and hummus

followed by what looks like breakfast but it wasn't honest!

blueberries, soy yogurt, cinnamon and seeds

at the cinema I had an ice lolly and some ginger oat biscuits : )

I didn't do any exercise other than walk yesterday as my back/hip was a little sore I might go spinning tonight or just have another rest day?

Anyways have a good day, I only have 12 days left of work in retail hell!


Do you eat sweets?

And I mean the sickly sweets as shown above! I don't usually but sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do right!?


  1. Hey ! So glad to hear you only have a few days left at the job- hooray! I love the sunflower seeds in your mess bowls- mmmm. I will eat sweets (like gummies) on occasion....but it is rare. They are quite yummy though ;)

  2. I love jelly sweets and could eat them till I felt sick. Especially ones like the snack sweet held in your hand in the photo. Did you only eat the three?

    I am also jealous of your pb with honey. I am new to reading your blog and when I saw that I got my hopes up that there was a UK stockist of it but then realised from your older posts it was a prize! Why dont we get such an awesome pb selection in the UK?