Thursday, 10 June 2010

Mirrors Don't Lie....... : (

Arrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh Bad Day Alert!!!!!!!!

By the post title you can probably guess why my day has ended in a bad way. I made the mistake of trying on some shorts today which brought to my attention just how much weight I have put on not good! I just can't seem to shift it so any ideas please please thrown them my way as all I'm doing isn't working! My mood is not good so I'm gonna keep this short and sweet.........

You saw breakfast on my last post here

I took a little pot of salted and roasted squash seeds to work and ate about 3/4

lunch was rice with egg, broccoli and vegan pesto

I had exactly the same dinner as yesterday so didn't wanna bore you with the picture!
soup n hummus yum : )

I made an apple and ginger protein cake for pud and had some fromage frais with it

I'm going to go a wallow in self pity for a while sad but true. I'll wake up tomorrow with a plan I expect, hopefully!


No joke tell me your slimming secrets please ladies share!!!!!!!

x x Night x x


  1. I especially hate changing room mirrors, they suck! All I know is what has worked for me and that has been watching the carbs. I don't eat bread, rice, pasta or noodles more than twice a week and when I want to lose weight I up the protein my using protein powder, greek yoghurt, cottage cheese, egg whites etc with loads of veggies and I try to watch the fruit due to the sugar. Thats whats worked for me but we are all different! I'm sure your absolutely fine as you are but I can understand why you want to slim down if your clothes feel a bit tight. You could try watching portion sizes but from what you post on the blog you seem to be doing all the right things anyway. Good luck with it! x

  2. I gave up all grains, dairy, legumes, and sugar. Check out Mark's Daily Apple blog. It's all about the primal way of eating and it has changed my life, my energy, my body. Very happy Used to be a vegetarian, then vegan, then high raw vegan. Now I eat the way my body has evolved to eat. Check it out:)

  3. hugs honey :) be gentle to yourself. I know you're not feeling so hot bout things, but you are beautiful. xoxoxo

  4. Oh god mirrors are so cruel! But there are actually some that make us look much fatter than we are (like the one in my boyfriend's apartment. I always feel awful in front of it so I just try to ignore it as much as possible)..
    Something as insignificant as a mirror shouldn't be able to ruin our mood! :(

  5. Hey! Mirrors can lie a bit when our state of mind isn't good. Say, when I have eaten a bit too much chocolate or haven't really been watching my portion sizes and I look in the mirror I feel like I look fatter than I am and then when I am eating well and healthily and I look in the mirror I feel like I look good. Major point is this can happen on a Monday and then I can have a better healthier day on the Tuesday and I have lost inches in the mirror so mirrors can lie! On the weight loss front, you obviously eat really healthily and work out alot but one thing I would advise cutting out from your diet is humous (I had an addiction about a year ago and put weight on) Do you make your own? If so, at least you know what is going into it as there can be way too much oil in supermarket ones. Also almond butter is very calorific. Almonds are a superfood so its a good thing to eat but it might help to cut it out. Hope I have been helpful! Love your blog! :)

  6. Hey girl...

    I`m not really an expert...and don`t really want to give advice as you know your body best..but when I was gaining weight and unable to lose weight..I had my thyroid levels tested..turns out I had hypothyroidism and needed to be on a daily medication for it, which helped me lose a bit of weight!

    I guess you need to figure out if it is a food (what you are eating factor)....lack of activity.... medical issues (thyroid)...stress...not enough sleep...

    could be ANYTHING! Maybe just start elvaluating things day by day!