Saturday, 12 June 2010

Its all about the ball.......

Yes its true I'm watching the football! Hey readers how ya doing?
I've had a long tiring day and I'm now chilling in my pyjamas watching the footy, I don't normally watch but its the world cup so its kinda allowed! Plus we're 1 up whoop whoop!


Anyway lets get on with today shall we........

I got up early and did one of my workout dvd's. I chose a Davina one and did both sections which took 1hr this included the cardio session and the weight session. I forgot how good this dvd is I was a sweaty mess!

I followed my sweat fest with an almond and chocolate smoothie

Hmmmmmmmmmmm : )

I was in a headband mood today so I rocked my homemade band made form an old bit of lace and I clipped a rose on for extra fun. Once my head dress was looking good I walked to work.

Work was crazy busy today but I made lots of sales which is all good. I snacked on 2 boiled eggs around 12 and didn't get lunch till 4pm! I ate exactly the same lunch as yesterday, rice n vegan pesto with raw veggies.

After work I walked home

I got a voucher for this yummy sauce when I went to the Real Food Festival in London remember? I've had it in cupboard for ages so decided to give it a go. The ingredients are real good no weird ones and no sugar which is unusual for a bought sauce.

I mixed the sauce with a small tin of tuna and heated it up, it was soooooo good, I definitely recommend it : )

I also roasted some veggies in our new oven, yes finally we have an oven!

My veggies were roasted in coconut oil which was a first for me and boy did they taste good!

I made a protein cake for pud and dropped it into my nearly empty fromage frais pot.
I wont be buying anymore dairy yogurt I'm still not sure its ok for me I think my tummy definitely bloats after eating it so I shall say farewell

My chocolate and coconut protein cake twas dreamy : )

I going to get an early night as I plan to get up early and go to the gym before work, yep I have to work my first Sunday in ages. I agreed to swap with a work colleague and as I only have 7 days left in the shop I thought what the heck!

I'm also meeting my friend Wayne after work for a catch up I haven't seen him for ages and I need some Wayne love! After that I'm popping to a friends to have a practice run putting our tent up for Glastonbury, thankfully the sun is coming out! So a busy day ahead me thinks.

I'm off to read ya fabulous blogs then watch BB ha ha x x


Do you watch the football?

As I said already I don't usually but the world cup I just gotta!


  1. LOVE your headband!
    Hehe, so much for England winning hey? I saw a video of the own goal. - Sorry, I couldn't help mentioning it...
    Go New Zealand! I have to get up at like 4am to watch any football, so I leave that to my brothers. But I DO care, it's NZ's first time in the world cup in many, many years and the country is buzzing!

  2. The pic of you in the headband is great! love it!

    I hope you had an awesome day..and I am so glad my email was welcomed. I was worried but so glad the tough love/honesty was received well..whew :)

    Have a super Sunday Tam!

  3. I never watch football during the "normal" season but I always watch a couple of matches of the big championships. Also, the EU championship in Switzerland/Austria two years ago was insane and a huge party it was impossible to just ignore it :)

  4. I love football :) especially glasgow rangers!