Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Ireland and a lot of Food!

Hello everybody!!!!!!!!!

So how ya been sweeties? I've had the best time in Ireland with my sister and mama :)
I didn't blog but I did keep up with reading your fab blogs (I was a silent reader for the week!)
I have eaten more food than I care to admit but each bite was worth it! I also manged to go swimming twice, the gym once and a mountain trek. I have so many photos I'm just gonna rush through half and leave half for tomorrow, plus its getting late and I need to get to bed........

I had to firstly show you my breakfast from today as it was sooooooo good!
Rye toast with peanut butter + mushroom and spinach scramble twas amazing : )


Couldn't resist this baking powder, such a cool tin!

Cute packaging always weakens me!

Wafers filled with chocolate not very nice but the box was cute

I think these are Italian chocolates?

I love them, hazelnut and chocolate perfect combo : )

Omelet and salad

I ate a lot of salad!

And puddings!

Rhubarb and pear crumble with custard : )

Filling breakfasts

Homemade feta scones

Mothers cooking is to good!

Melt in ya mouth

I've seen bee's pollen on a couple of blogs and when I saw it I knew I had to try!

Pretty huh?


Strawberries and ice cream

and bees pollen!

This is in my mums hall!

I found this cool little pack of seeds.
Its in the shape of a sunflower seeds and is filled with plain sunflower seeds
and candy chocolate covered ones too, these are goooooooood!

We did some baking too, we decided to make some soda breads.
When getting out the eggs I found one with a feather so I had to give it a face!
My little sister Leah with here new friend!

I made wholemeal spelt soda bread and my mum made a fruit soda bread

My heart kinda came out!

Even the slice was heart shape, twas delish : )

I picked these candy bars up because again the packets were so cool

Cute packets, horrible candy!

I bought this beautiful plate to match the bowl I bought last year when I went

I love it!

So there you have it a few pictures of my wonderful holiday. I have gotta get ready for bed so I'm gonna love ya and leave ya


Have you tried bees pollen?

I love the taste and its really good for ya too, bonus!

My big news is I handed in my notice at work!
More on this tomorrow x x x


  1. congrats on handing in your notice!!!!!!!!!!!

    what a great trip
    love the pics and the dishes, too cute!

  2. I have tried bees pollen! I didn't love it; it tasted dusty to me, not sure if you felt the same way, but if you liked it- eat up! It's so good for you!

  3. I'm just like you, a total sucker for beautiful packaging! Glad you've packed your job in, you obviously weren't happy there, whats you plans now? x

  4. Hi Tamzin.

    Those Italian chocolates are called 'Baci' which means kisses! How cute is that!

    I haven't tried Bee Pollen but I really want to! I saw it at a health food show a few weeks ago and I wish I bought it now!

    Looks like you had a great holiday and enjoyed a lot of food! (I love the heart-shaped soda bread btw!)

  5. The scones and the soda bread look AMAZING! You don't fancy posting the soda bread recipe do you? I've always wanted to make it but never known how - I buy the Paul Rankin stuff as a special treat, but it's SOOO expensive!!

    Those Baci chocolates are Italian, we used to give them on valentines day because they have a little romantic message inside!

    Exciting news about your job! I've just done soemthing similar! Have you got things lined up?

  6. Glad you had a blasty ;) Feta scones? That sounds incredible. I am a sucker for packaging too hehe. I love soda bread. I actually just book marked the new 101 cookbooks soda bread recipe. The heart is so cute. Congrats on handing in the notice, can't wait to hear more!

  7. Ohgosh, I must try feta scones for my next batch!! Proper English scones this time ;) And your heart shaped bread is too darn cute, but that feather egg is WEIRD! :P

    Yay for a new job adventure! :)