Friday, 18 June 2010

I'm Back!


Where has the week gone!? I've been so busy that the blog had to take a back seat sorry!
How have ya all been? I hope you've been having a good week? I've been doing lots work and exercise and that's about it! Nothing really to report other than I only have 2 working days left in retail hell!!!!!!!!!!! Yes friends tomorrow is my last EVER Saturday at the shop and its making me SMILE, SMILE, SMILE!

I haven't taken many food photos over the past few days but there are few which I'll go over a little later, but first I'll recap on my fabulous Friday, which I have been off work and enjoying with my even more fabulous sister.........

(chest shot!)

I woke up early today and did 1hr of yoga then got ready for my day out in Brighton with my sister : )

For breakfast I had quinoa n carob with blueberries and soy yogurt, which filled me up good and proper! I picked my sister up and drove us to Brighton, which I was kinda scared about but the drive was fine, yay to me!

We spent a good few hours going round the shops then Jes took me to lunch, lucky me what a wonderful sister!

Both of us decided Wagammams would be a good idea

I had chicken and king prawns with rice, corn, mangetout, spring onions and pickles on the side.
This didn't disappoint it was a glorious meal, but I had to leave some it was a huge portion!

We went to a few more shops after lunch and I may or may not have inhaled a vegan date flapjack no photo though so who knows!? ; )

I got home in time for my spin class but it was canceled boo hoo! I decided to come home and do a workout dvd which was totally squatastic! Then I made dinner which was exactly the same as one I had earlier in the week which is pictured below, steamed veggies with sardines in a vegan pesto sauce delish! I'm know relaxing and getting ready for tonight's BB10 eviction...............

Some foods that have been passing my lips this week:

I've been eating scrambled eggs with onions and mushrooms, fruit with yogurt and pollen

Rice and veggie salads

sardines and steamed veggies

Beets and mackerel : )

Exercise over the week:

Tuesday - walk to and from work + 45 minute spin class + 1hr pump class
Wednesday - walk to and from work + 1hr yoga session
Thursday - walk to and from work + 20 mins cross trainer - intervals + 20 mins stepper - intervals + 45 min spin class
Friday - 1hr yoga + 40 min exercise dvd

I plan to go to the gym before work tomorrow for a weight session : )

I'm so excited to working my last Saturday its so cool! Plus I'm getting even more excited that in just a few days I'll be going to Glastonbury!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway that's all for today sweetie pies see ya soon x x


  1. CONGRATS ON YOUR LAST DAY!!! You must be just thrilled beyond belief :) Great lunch out with your sister. And nice job hammering out the workouts this week.

  2. congrats on the last day....YAY For you!!!!!!

    And without trying to hit on you, I love your chest shot! work that cleavage girl :)!!!!


  3. Congratz on your last day :D And good job fitting in all of that exercise! Woo hoo!