Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Glastonbury Here I come!!!!!!!

Hello! Well that's it last shift EVER at Orange, the world of mobile phones is no longer part of me and I couldn't be happier : )
I am going to rush through this post as I am being picked up at 2.45am for the drive to GLASTONBURY! My back is still real sore but I'm keeping positive, I will be relaxing over the next 6 days going with the flow and enjoying every second. I'm hoping it will right its self. Anyway lets forget about that and move on to the food:

I started my day with some quinoa with carob and blueberries drizzled with tahini. I started on my packing after and got a done but I was feeling the need to get some thing green inside me today.........

I whipped up a green monster and there was so much I had enough to take some to work.

Yummy green frothy drink : )


I went to town early to get some last bits for my trip.

Awwwwww this is my favorite co-worker Steve, I'll miss this guy loads!

He bought me a farewell cake so obviously I had to accept!

I saved this badboy for after my lunch

Leanne another co-worker has been off on maternity leave and bought in the new member of the family! How cute is she, so tiny!

Lunch was rice salad and raw veggies in a vegan pesto sauce followed by my cake : )

After work I got home and packed my little heart out, took my bag to the guy's house who's taking all the luggage then it was dinner time.......

egg scramble with onion and broccoli with beets and cucumber, delish

A while later I had some rice cakes and tahini : )

I need to wind down to try and get a little bit of sleep before we set off so farewell for the next week friends and I shall see ya when I return.

Whoop whoop dancing shoes at the ready!


  1. hooray for the last day! go celebrate!

  2. I can imagine how you feel! It felt great to leave the mobile phones behind, sales sucks!
    Anyway, have a fantastic time at Glastonbury hun!!!

  3. I love all the clips you wear in your hair! I am obsessed with them as well!


  4. love the pics of you!
    that treat w/ the pastel chocolates in it..reminds me of something my mom used to make for me as a kid w/ corn flakes and PB and buttter all melted togeteher w/ choc. YUM!