Monday, 7 June 2010

Glastonbury Buys + A Great Day Off

Good evening lovely ladies, I say ladies because I've never had a man comment even though I
do have a male follower so sorry if there are any men that follow silently no offense!

I've had a great day off today. I woke up early to go swimming with my friend Judith, I have to admit I could have slept forever today but we had arranged an early morning swim and I don't like to let people down so up I got. We decided to try out a new pool today a couple of towns away (our gym membership includes about 10 gyms!). It took us about 25 minutes to get there but it was a lovely pool so it paid off. It was quite small though and pretty busy so if we go again we decided to later. I did 20 lengths and that was enough especially as I had a kickboxing clas later in the day!

When I got home I was famished! I made a bowl of hot oats with cinnamon, blueberries and grounded chia seeds.

I topped my oats with soy yogurt and some of the sunflower seeds I got in Ireland.
Every bite was a delight! I spent the rest of the morning beavering away on the net you know how it is!?

I did remember to picture my new buys for Glastonbury though:

I got this cute pair of shorts

I love the buttons!

I got this pretty dress too, it came with a red belt. It looks a lot better on!

Ok this isn't for Glastonbury but it was to shiny to leave behind!

I'm a sucker for sequins but I guess you know that by the name of my blog!

I picked up these sequin headbands, I'm gonna take some sparkle to Glasto!

I have no comfy shoes to take with me so these cute espadrilles are perfect

God these are comfy, like slippers!

I snacked on some more sunflower seeds mid morning x 2

I made a batch of tomato and chickpea soup for lunch with 2 boiled eggs on the side : )

I had this Banana Bread raw bar for afters

A fab ingredient list!

I like this bar but it wasn't my favorite.

After lunch had settled I went to my kickboxing lesson. My 1hr private lesson kicked my butt!
Its great my trainer incorporates lots of back strengthening exercises too as well as making me sweat like a beast! Ha ha thankfully I know the guy pretty well so I don't really care about looking a mess!

Dinner was so scrummy! I made some tuna, raw veggie and quinoa mess topped with toasted butternut squash seeds

I sprinkled a little salt on the seeds while toasting them : )

After dinner I had an osteopath appointment. He cracked me back into shape!

I got home and made a giant chocolate orange protein muffin!

I added these orange infused raisins to the mix

I topped my muffin with yogurt and a little almond butter. I don't think I need to tell you how good this bad boy was do I?!

Chocolate Orange Protein Muffin

1 scoop of sun warrior protein (plain)
1 egg white
1tsp cocoa + 1tsp perfect sweet
1/2tsp baking powder
dribble of natural orange flavor
low lacto milk
1 pack orange infused raisins
+ topping of your choice

Its a winning combo that's for sure!

Well I'm knackered so I'm gonna get ready for dream land.
Night x x


Favorite protein muffin combo?

This was yummy but I'm sure I can make better!


  1. Banana Bread raw bar looks so good, sorry it was just so-so

    cute shorts!

    have a great week hon!

  2. i am a tad behind but congrats on quitting and those are some great purchases!

  3. Love those shorts, I got a similar pair the other week! Very jealous of you going to Glasto, hope you have an amazing time! x

  4. You eat so healthy!! I have to make the same soup and boiled eggs because they look so delicious, why didn't I think of that before?! xxoxoxoxoxoo