Thursday, 3 June 2010

A Few Words

Hey sweet readers how's ya Thursday been?
Mine has been ok, busy and I've still not caught up on all the things I need to sort after
going on holiday!
Well this post is photo heavy so I'm keep words to a minimum for each pic. There is my meals from today, photos from my childhood and more holiday pics. Enjoy!

Ooooooo and it seems not many of you have tried bees pollen I think you should!





My little sister Leah when she was tiny, so cute!

My mum and older sister Jes. This is my favorite picture from the past.
My mum looks hot!

Me + Leah
(don't you just love my shades!?)

Mums house in Ireland

We made shortcake


Me and Leah went on a mountain walk

The view on the way up

The well means halfway and a refreshing drink!

We got to the top and reached the cross

I loved the oldness of this sign

Banana Bread when I got to the top

It was windy up there!

The view from the top

There was also a compass at the top

I bought a nice jar for my pollen

Jack my mamas dog

and Tilly

We went out for an Indian before going to see Sex in the City!



My plate, I had 2!

Mama x

x Sisters x

I'm knackered, went to spin tonight : )

I have a wedding tomorrow night so am gonna try to get a post in before if not see ya at the weekend!

P.s I'll fill ya all in about the job situation soon, promise!


  1. Gosh I miss one post of yours and then you'll publish such great news! Congrats on the notice. Moving on is always good :)
    Your pictures are lovely, especially the ones of your childhood and your stay in Ireland. I love looking through my childhood pics (though I always wonder how my parents could put me into such horrible clothes ;))

  2. That banana bread look so yummy! I'd love to get the recipe for that- you should add it here: