Saturday, 19 June 2010

Feed the Craving?

Whoop whoop my last Saturday in the shop is over people! Boy does it feel good, this also means I have one day left to work which is Tuesday then dear readers my time in retail hell is done and dusted : ) what a feeling!!!!!!!!!

I started my day smoothie style, I left out the gums today as I think they may give me spots, so I'm testing the water, my smoothie turn out pretty good without them so we'll see........

Chocolate smoothie topped with pine nuts, I needed some energy before the gym today I didn't sleep to well last night I'm just to excited at the moment! I kept my word and did a weight session today:

12 minutes cross trainer - intervals 30sec fast 30sec slow = sweat fest!
My weight routine included:
bicep curls, up right rows, shoulder raises, tricep raises, plank, squats lunges
this all took me 50 minutes not bad

I went back to my car to get my bag and have my post workout snack, 2 boiled eggs

these were perfect : )

my after workout egg smile!

My flower for today, I love this flower I got it when i lived in Barcelona many years ago and it still looks pretty if I say so myself!

Work was busy which meant not getting lunch till 3.30pm! I was famished and filled my tummy with shredded chicken and steamed veggies drizzled with toasted sesame oil. I can't wait to not have to wait until I am almost fainting to eat 1 more shift people!!!!!!!!!! I also had an apple no pic sorry!

I had a craving today for tuna mayo so I went with it and made 1/2 sweet pot topped with exactly that. I mixed some curry powder into the tuna for some extra flavor it was delish so was the huge salad that accompanied it : )

This maybe my favorite sweet pot topping, yum yum YUM!

Protein cake pudding, date and coconut to be precise. It was hollow so I filled the hole with yogurt for photo reasons obviously!

I have tomorrow and Monday off. Its fathers day tomorrow so I think a batch of gluten free cookies may be in order for papa. I also plan to go spinning and I have to get the last bits for Glastonbury as well as pick up the bag I'm borrowing from a friend for the festival aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh breath!

Time to kick back and read some of your blogs me thinks night peeps x x


Do you ever give in to your cravings?

I tend to because if i don't then at some point I go over board!


  1. horaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy! I am so excited for you! Your flower is totally adorable. Great lunch too. I am off to bake for my dad as well!

  2. Yes, when it's gluten free! THIS IS PASTAAAA!
    Congrats on the job stuff ay! You sound super relieved/happy! :)

  3. Where did you buy the gums from in the UK? :)

  4. Awesome lunch! Just found your blog and love it! You have a new follower!


  5. Egg smile. Awww you are too cute!! ;)
    Wooohooo only one more day at work to go. I can imagine that you're super excited to get out of there.
    I always give in to cravings as I am really really bad with discipline. After a while I'd eat it anyway so I always just skip the miserable part and just go for it. :)