Monday, 21 June 2010

Fathers Day Cookies : )

Hello its Monday which means my last shift will be worked tomorrow!!!!!!!!!
I bet you can't wait so I stop going on but I can't help it sorry!
Did you all have a good weekend? My Sunday was good but I'll get to that recap in a mo......

Today I was up early for my osteopath appointment, my bloody back is really sore again today, I think I went a little overboard yesterday in the gym, I am an idiot! I'm off to Glastonbury festival tomorrow night so I'm praying for it to be ok so please feel free to send me good thoughts and make my back better! It has been fine all week not a twinge then the day before I go it does this DAMN IT! Anyway enough I must keep positive!

I had a chocolate protein smoothie early before my appointment then went to town to meet Wayne for coffee. When I got home I was feeling peckish so a green monster was made : )



Breakfast came in the form of a chocolate and tahini smoothie

I loved what the tahini did on top of my smoothie, pretty huh?

I was asked on my previous post -
Anonymous - " where do you buy the gum's from in the uk?"

well anonymous I bought the xanthan gum in tesco and the guar gum from ebay hope this helps.

Being fathers day I thought it would be nice to make my papa some gluten free cookies for him to enjoy on his special day

Date and Ginger Almond Cookies.
These puppies went down well he loved them!

Tamzin's Date and Ginger Almond Cookies

1c almond flour
1.5c soya flour
0.5c agave
0.5c grape seed oil
0.5tsp baking soda
pinch of salt
a few drops of almond essence
then I added chopped dates and chopped crystallized ginger
but you can add anything you want.

mix dry ingredients in a bowl
mix wet in a bowl
add wet to dry
form into little balls
place on parchment lined baking tray
press down with a fork
bake for 10 minutes on Gas Mark 4


Around 12.30pm i went to the gym:

10 minutes cross trainer 30 sec fast, 30 sec slow
10 minutes bike 30 sec fast, 30 sec slow
10 minutes stepper 30 sec fast, 30 sec slow
x 2
plank 90 sec

this was a sweat fest but has unfortunately done my back no favors : (

I went straight to the supermarket after the gym to pick up the last few bits for Glastonbury, it was the most unhealthy shop I've done in years! I bought:

6 x ready salted crisps
2 x box rose wine
1 x bottle vodka
1 x pack Japanese rice crackers
4 x fruit cups

I also bought this chocolate soya drink, it tasted delish but within about 20 minutes my tummy was in agony! Note to self: Do not buy this again!

I snacked on some rice cakes with the other half of my curried tuna

and cucumber : )

Later I ate some roasted veg with a can of tinned mackerel in tom sauce

roasted broccoli is an absolute favorite of mine

I also love to roast some garlic in the skins, when you crack them open the garlic is sticky and yummy : )

fruit, yogurt and cinnamon

Topped with pine nuts

My back is soooooooo sore I'm gutted this has to get better or my week of camping is gonna be harsh! But with a ticket costing £185 and all the new stuff I have bought I can't even think about not going! Good healing thoughts people keep um coming!

My beauty therapist will be here in a mo to wax my legs and under arms for the up and coming weekend so I am off see ya tomorrow x x


  1. Beautiful green smoothie. Very sweet of you to make the cookies for your daddy-o. I bet he loved them. You know I am loving your yogurty parfait. Hope you have an absolute blast at the festival!

  2. Tesco... really?! Wow, yay! Thank you very much!