Monday, 21 June 2010

Dads Rule!

Hello again, its a 2 post day today! I forgot to post my favorite picture of me and my papa:

Yep that's me and my paps, I love this photo, and look how cool my dads specs are!

I also thought I'd show you what I've been doing while resting my poor back today......

Sewing sequins on nearly everything I'm taking to the festival!

Deciding on sunglasses to take with me, but I think I'm gonna take them all!

Can you guess what quenched my thirst this afternoon?

My new trainers, quite ghetto fabulous but I'm loving them!

I had a craving for cauliflower today, not sure why?

I had rice cakes with tahini and.....

Beets with steamed cauliflower, I literally just steamed the cauli then seasoned with salt and pepper then smeared a little soy spread on top it was a delicious meal : )

I shall be posting tomorrow before I leave for Glastonbury then it will be farewell for a week! Yes it will be fun fun fun but don't worry I'll get plenty of photos for ya

Time to chill and rest this back keep the positive energy coming peeps! x x


  1. cute hair and LOVE those shoes!!!!!!! fabulous!

  2. The photo of you and your dad is so cute! Love his specs too.
    Oh I'm still so jealous that you get to go to Glastonbury! I hope I'll make it there next year as well :).
    Have a great last day at work!

  3. Cute sunnies!! :)