Saturday, 5 June 2010

Curry Calling!

Ok I'm sorry to say this too will be a flying visit once more, I'm off to have dinner at my dads,
he's making curry! Yum Yum Yummy! My papa makes the best curry : )
So I'm gonna fly through this and hopefully sped some time with ya tomorrow! I'll recap Friday and today so far bloggie friends..........

Oooooo before I forget I was asked if Sex in the City was good?
IT WAS FABULOUS! Go and see it now!


I started Friday with 40 minutes of yoga then ate a delish boiled egg followed by.....

oats, apple and yogurt

There was some peanut butter in here too : )

walked to work

lunch was chicken and rice salad with raw veggies and pesto

walked home

dinner was sooooooo good!
steamed veggies, sardines, spinach all mixed up in a spicy tomato and chili sauce

dollop of hummus on the side for good measure!

pudding hit the spot
soy yogurt, cinnamon, pollen and flaked almonds : )

I went to a friends wedding reception in the evening and was glad I filled up before it kept me away from the buffet good little me ay?!

It was a friend from work that got married his now wife for some reason doesn't like me because I am the only single girl at work why this bothers her I don't know?! Anyways we got there with a card which we had put money in for there honeymoon and not even a thank you she turned her back on me! So I was a little annoyed to say the least! What do you think a thank you would have been nice right?



I gave myself a free day today well free from exercise!
I woke up and had a banana n apple with soy yogurt, cinnamon and ground chia seeds.
I also had a slice of rye with peanut butter : )

walked to work

lunch was the same as Friday minus the chicken

I also had this guarana, ginseng and raw chocolate energy bomb

twas delish!

Right sweetie pies gotta run paps is calling me to come eat so toodle loo for now x x


Have you ever had someone dislike you for no reason?

I was pretty upset by yesterday, I've only ever been nice to this girl in question yet she just doesn't like me. I guess she thinks as I'm single I'm a threat or something silly women!


  1. Yes I have had people not like me for no reason; I like to think that it's their own insecurities that cause it- Don't worry about it! But you do have every right to be peeved, I would be livid if someone didn't thank me for a gift!

  2. Well I guess that chick feels threatened because she knows how gorgeous you are ;).
    But that's really silly.. I don't remember any encounter with people who just don't like me for no reason. However, there are plenty of people who think that I look arrogant when they don't know me. Well I can't change my face, can I? ;)

    I hope you had a great time at your dad's!