Sunday, 13 June 2010

Butt Ache!

Ouch my butt and thighs are ACHING! Hello by the way : )
Yes friends I'm a little sore in a good way though! I shall tell you why so carry on reading........

I woke up early and did 40 minutes of yoga before breakfast

I made a giant blueberry and chocolate protein smoothie with a flaked almond top

After breakfast I got my lunch prepared then got my work clothes together as I was showering before work at the gym, I don't like showering there but its better then going to work sweaty so its a must! Then it was off to the gym........

20 minutes cross trainer - L8 12.5mph - L13 8mph - I did intervals and felt the burn!
20 minutes stepper - L9 set on random and running up those stairs!
10 minutes bike - L7 fast!

I had enough time to sit in my car and have the rest of my smoothie left over from breakfast.
The fair is in town, I used to always go to the fair but the back breaking rides are no longer my friend!

After my yummy smoothie I went to work, my legs and butt were definitely feeling the exercise from yesterday and today when I got to work all I wanted to do was lay down no such luck it was pretty busy!

I prepared this toasted slice of rye before work and put some tahini on it.
NOTE to self - don't toast rye and save it for a snack eat there and then or don't bother!

Lunch was another rice salad.
I added some scrambled egg cooked in coconut oil and raw veggies

I also had a Jazz apple before leaving work.

After work I met my friend Wayne for a coffee, I had a small soy latte : )

Then I went to another friend Jo's house to have a practice at putting up our tent for Glastonbury. I wanted to check all the bits were there we got pretty excited I SO CAN"T WAIT!

Back home and I made dinner, steamed veggies in a sardine and tom sauce

Yep same old same old! I'll let you into s secret I have so much stuff in my cupboards that needs to be used up so I'm gradually eating all the stuff instead of constantly buying more. Which means some maybe boring or weird dishes hope that's ok!?

Yes another double take its another coconut n chocolate protein cake!

This cake looks a lot bigger than it was, it was actually hollow!

I need to get an early night as tomorrow I am doing my pass plus 6hr drive!
When I booked my driving course it included 6hrs of pass plus which is when my driving instructor takes me for a long drive up the motor way and back. I'm quite excited but pretty scared too! But at least I'm with a trained driver ay!?

Right time to start to think about getting comfy for beddy byes night x x


Do you have lots of things in the cupboard that need using up?

I just keep buying and buying so it feels good to be using up all the stuff that gets pushed to the back of the freezer and cupboards!


  1. Don't you love when you can feel the results of a good workout? Ah! Heavenly. That rye looks pretty good. Its been forever since I've had rye bread. I'm usually pretty good at using up what I have on hand...but I have a build up going right now....I need to work it down!

  2. I love workouts that make you feel the burn :).