Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Almond Butter Bliss

Easy Tigers good day?

I've been working but its been a pretty good day all in all

I started my day with a yummy bowl of oats, blueberries, chia seeds and cinnamon
topped with yogurt and almond butter : )

I didn't start work till 11 today so before work popped round to a friends. My friend Jemma
has been over from Australia and I hadn't seen her yet plus she leaves tomorrow to go back so I luckily got an hour with her today

Lunch was a big rice salad with egg and raw veggies

I actually ate this when I got to work so its in the wrong order but just so ya know it was delish,
defo my favorite flavor. I ate an apple before leaving work no picture sorry!

I went to spin and pump after work.
I find spin the perfect warm up and I managed to up some of my weights this week

I was ravenous when I got in and was glad my soup just needed to be heated

Tomato and Chickpea soup with a slice of rye bread and almond butter
topped with a few toasted squash seeds

banana topped with yogurt and sunflower seeds = a perfect pudding!

I also had the last spoonful of almond butter from the jar because it was
just needing to be eaten ya know?! Its been almond butter bliss today and each serving was delicious : )

I'm going to see Sex in the City tomorrow with my dad. He loves it and I can't wait to see it again! I have to work till 3.30pm then have the afternoon off so I think I may come home and do some yoga but that's not a promise!


Have you seen Sex in the City yet or are you not fussed?

I'm going for the second time tomorrow and can't wait I need the dvd!!!!!


  1. i had the same nakd bar yesterday :) i love that flavor! and your almond butter oats look so delicious!
    I saw sex and the city 2 the other day, it was okay, i like the first movie a lot better, i wouldn't see it again but i lovee the show and was addicted when it was on tv, since i was born/raised in NY and still live in NY state, i just love it that much more :)!


  2. First of all: I wanted to comment on your last post but my computer didn't let me publish the comment. ARGH! Anyway, I LOVE your Glasto buys! Can I borrow your wardrobe pleeease?? :)
    I loved watching the show but I haven't seen/watched both SATC films for no particular reason.. I just keep thinking that they should grow up and get "real" problems ;). However, I'm sure that I would enjoy watching the films anyway. Chick flicks are fabulous.

  3. I saw SATC2 and I'm having nightmares about Liza Minnelli and Single Ladies :D