Monday, 14 June 2010

6hrs Is A Long Time Behind The Wheel!

Ello ello ello how are we on this fine Monday? I am tired from my 6hr drive! I had my pass plus
lesson today which was a 6hr drive up to London on the motor way and back. It was pretty scary but I did it and I'm glad I did, I definitely learnt a lot from today and feel less scared of having to go on the motor way : ) My back was killing by the end though and getting home was a good thing! Let me get on with the eats..........

I started the day with a banana and carob smoothie topped with pine nuts

Amazing enough said.

While I was driving we stopped at one of the services and got a costa coffee, I as always had a small soy latte

By the time I got home all that driving had worked up a hunger and my rice salad filled the gap

Beets as a side is a winner in my books : )

A while after lunch my sweet tooth was nagging me so I decided to make some rock cakes Tamzin style (- all the sugar that most bought cakes have!)

These were Almond, Date and Coconut Rockies, they caught a little on the top but tasted amazing so didn't matter

I can't really give a recipe as I just kinda through ingredients in! I did use a squirt of agave and dates to sweeten though and a small pack of vegan vanilla rice protein which made them really doughy and yum!

I wish you could have one don't you!?

Soft and scrumptious hmmmmmmmmmm

Enough about cakes look my new book arrived! I was recommended this by one of my readers so I thought it was worth a read. I'll let you know what I think. Have you read it?

Dinner was another "use up my ingredients" meal. I had a small portion of beef mince left which I cooked up with some onions, garlic, cherry toms, tom puree and a tsp of wholegrain mustard. It was yummy but I'm glad to see the last of the mince its just not my thing, the steamed veggies were delish too.

I've got a busy week ahead filled with exercise and work, meeting friends and preparing for Glastonbury which means I may not have the time to post everyday but I'll try sweetie pies I'll try!


How do you healthify stuff?

I never use actual sugar in recipes and I sometimes use apple sauce and yogurt to mix things up


  1. I'm also not a huge fan of using sugar. Mostly I tend to add agave or just some banana.

    6h behind the wheel sounds intense!

  2. the rock cakes...YUM! Ok so those look perfect!!!

  3. So glad the drive went well! What a cool looking bfast too! In terms of healthifying recipes, I usually try to remove some of the sugar and maybe some of the fat. I do like to leave some in though...I think if you take too much out you end up eating more!