Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Hey peeps hope your Tuesday has been good, mine has! This is gonna be one of those speed through posts as its late and I've promised my friend I'll meet her at 6.15am for swimming!
So without further a do...........

Started my day with 40 minutes yogalates followed by quinoa carob porridge, peanut butter just made this amazing!

walked to work in the sun : )

instead of a coffee today i had this coconut water

thumbs up this was refreshing and very tasty! (but to expensive to make a habit!)

I didn't eat my carrot snack so ate a couple with lunch

rice salad - basmati brown rice, coy beans, red pepper, turnip, spinach and a little vegan pesto
= amazing!

I also tried this well woman drink today for an extra vitamin kick, it was ok but I like water better!

After work I walked home and popped to store on the way to pick up a few things

I fixed and early dinner a while after getting home, needed to as I had classes tonight

beets, mackerel in tomato sauce, raw mushrooms

ryvita cracker with hummus

This was a filling dinner and was perfect fuel for my evening classes.

45 minute spin class
followed by
1hr pump class

home and hungry! I ate the last couple of carrots left over from lunch and......

30g oats, 1/2tsp cocoa (no sugar) 3 drops of natural orange flavor, soy yogurt and almonds

Ready for bed! Well just feeding my vampire addiction then bed : )


Favorite soft drink not including water or coffee!

Mine is coconut water or beet juice, love it!

Favorite bread alternative?

Mine is probably rice cakes or oat cakes, the rye crackers I bought today are yummy though!


  1. your breakfasts always look so good! My fav drink other than coffee and water at this point in my life is vodka- preferably grey goose. haha, I'm not even joking! xo

  2. i love coconut water! i am reposting my coconut water kefir recipe later this week....love it!

    the beets. I adore! beets! Seriously i could put myself into a detox state b/c i can O.D. on them :)


  3. You are so healthy. I love it! I also love that you are up so early for swimming! Great lifestyle.

    :) Marci