Monday, 10 May 2010

The Real Food Festival + Today

Hey peeps hop your week has begun well? Mine is pretty good as I had today off which I needed just to recover from my food coma! I went to the The Real Food Festival yesterday and it was a blast! So be warned this is a picture fest of a post, I'll try to keep the words to a minimum. A quick re-cap of today then my food festival day will be revealed!

I woke up at 7am and had a delicious breakfast. I picked up a wonderful granola yesterday and had to try it. My bowl contained granola, apple, soy yogurt, peanut butter and cinnamon. This hearty breakfast kept me going and gave me the energy I needed for a full on spinning class. I went to the spinning class thinking it would be the pretty boring instructor but I was pleasantly surprised. He's stopped and be taken over by a much better lady she made me sweat like a beast!

Got home and snacked on 3 beets dipped in hummus : )

I had a productive morning I actually wrote up one of assignments!

Lunch was tuna mayo on a bed of leaves with raw mushrooms and baby plum tomatoes.
Followed by a packet of bear granola (pictured below) and milk

Randon photo of some goodies I picked up. This is low GI sugar called Sweet Freedom is made form carob apple and grape extract it is a lot sweeter than normal sugar so you don't need much. I have seen it in the shops and wanted to try it but it's quite pricey so when I saw it at the show £5 for 2 I snapped it up!

Afternoon snack blueberry green monster made with milk, amazing meal, blueberries and spinach : )

Had the most AMAZING soup for dinner recipe tomorrow, with eggs, cauliflower, broccoli in a tomato pesto sauce.



My day started early as we had to get an early train. I always have my vits with breakfast

3 fish oil, vit B, 2 vit C

Breakfast was the usual fuel : )

Just before getting off the train I had this bad boy yum!

Quick coffee stop - soy latte with hazelnut syrup : )

Then we got to Earls Court ready to get tasting!

As soon as we entered we cam e across these little fellas! How cute!

and a bison!

waynes first taster an almond and treacle tart, I resisted for a while......

Pretty cake stand! We tried so many chocolates I needed something savory!

Enter the most amazing rissoto ball wrap! This was so good. Rissotto balls, olive tapanade, apple raisins, lettuce wrap = taste sensation!

Wayne invested in some tarts!

I bought this cute mini gluten free cake for my papa (he loved it and said it was melt in the mouth delicious!)

It took all I had not to eat it!

Last year I watched a series on Willie and his journey to making the best chocolate, this is some of the chocolate he now makes

He was actually there so I had to purchase some! especially after tasting it, so good!

The granola I had for breakfast. Body matter granola is 100% organic and 100% tasty!

I stocked up on more bear granola!

We went outside to get some air and have a break from tasting!

Wayne bought his mama some meat!


He also got this meringue

and this pecan slice, he;s a lover of the baked goods! ha ha

the pigs were so cute I had to get another shot!

Our last stop of the day was to this ice cream van selling something far more healthy and in my opinion taster than actual ice cream

A taste of freedom makes sweet treats out of fruit that is destined to go to land fill

I had a banana, mango and coconut cone and Wayne had a strawberries and cream, the cones were made form dehydrated banana and fruit so you could eat them! Wow these were so good, my favorite thing of the day in fact.

I think a taste of freedom is such a fab idea I just wish their shop was near me!

We were truly stuffed by the time we left I tried everything! We came across this one stall selling vegan cakes made form all sorts my favorite was made from grapes and turnips! Sounds strange but the taste was out of this world!

Next stop was the V&A museum for the Grace Kelly exhibition

The clothes!

The clothes!

The clothes!

I really enjoyed the show the clothes were amazing!

My favorite animal is an elephant just so ya know and when I saw this I had to get a picture!

I loved him : )

before leaving the food show I bought a cookie from the Cinnamon Tree Bakery stall

Amazingly I actually had room to eat this on the train home! Chocolate chips and nuts oh my god do good!

I had a fabulous day with a fabulous friend just what I needed after my hellish Saturday.

Right I'm gonna watch the end of Glee and hit the sack I'm knackered x x


Would you have tried all the tasters like me?

I'm glad it was Sunday my day off that's for sure I went a little over board maybe but I had fun and life's to short right?!


  1. Oh what amazing pictures! It looks like you had a fantastic time at the show. All those goodies! Mmmm.
    I would definitely have tried all the tasters too. No self-control. ;)
    Love the fact that your favourite animals are elephants too! For some reason I always admired their grace :)
    Speaking of Grace.. the Grace Kelly exhibition sounds amazing. I wonder if my boyfriend and friend would want to go there when we visit London at the end of the month.. hope so!

  2. wow this is possibly your longest post ever and it was amazing!
    the leopard print hoodie is too cute

    3 beets dipped in hummus : )

    the choco desserts

    those low GI drinks

    too much great stuff!!!!!

  3. Brilliant pictures, I'd love to visit the food festival - maybe next year :D

    I would have tasted absolutely EVERYTHING ;)

  4. I would also have tasted everything! I'm going to the NewcastleGateshead EAT festival, I really hope its as good as this! The taste of freedom sounds like such a great concept, its a shame that all these great places are just London based! x

  5. Elephants are my favourite animal too!! I have a collection of elephant figurines from all over the world. Haha, glad I'm not the only weirdo :) Oh, and I'd be all over that Grace Kelly exhibition. If I ever get married, I want her wedding dress.

    Must dip beets in hummus...